Zsh question

Quick Q about zsh.

Was able to turn off the “auto-correct” but is there a way to remove the (what looks like) little frown that appear to right of the terminal?

It’s not a big deal, but would be nice to know that little tid-bit.


Interesting, can you show me a scrot please with this little “frown”

You wish, sir - is my command :wink:

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I don’t think you can remove it, looks like it is part of grml-zsh-config. Have you installed that?

That’s a good question aaaand, one I can’t answer. I can safely say that if it is, it was installed along some other app. So - I will check that to see if it is.

Indeed it is. Safe to remove without disturbing anything?

Looks like its fairly tied in and part of the coreutils

What I did was to install oh-my-zsh so I could still theme my prompt and then removed grml-zsh-config. I’m not sure what would happen if you removed grml-zsh


Sounds like a plan should I get twitchy being frowned at all the time, lol

I know what you mean. Let me know how it goes.

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Worked perfectly!!!
Thank you!

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Nice! Easy fix.

There are heaps of zsh themes to choose from. Good luck settling on one. :smiley:

empty@buster ~ % false
1 empty@buster ~ % zstyle ':prompt:grml:right:setup' items                       :(
empty@buster ~ % false
1 empty@buster ~ %

^ All gone!

More here: http://bewatermyfriend.org/p/2013/001/

Man page: https://grml.org/zsh/grmlzshrc.html

The grml framework is awesome and can accommodate your needs :slight_smile:

OTOH, oh-my-zsh has a terrible reputation over at the Arch forums because of the number of problem threads it creates:


I would personally recommend mksh as an alternative, lighter, less full-featured shell: I consider it to be the openbox of shells, with zsh & bash palying the parts of GNOME & KDE, if you will excuse the crude analogy.

EDIT: also, is it really not possible to remove the grml-zsh-config package without replacing it? That doesn’t sound right.

Interesting take on this. Thanks for posting HoaS.

Interesting. I have had no issues with oh-my-zsh at all.

I was checking out mksh yesterday.

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Same here during the 24 hours or so here. I pretty much spend 3/4 of my time in a term or term-based app and thus far, no issues.

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Yea this is total bollocks, you can just remove grml’s config and run stock zsh. This way you can configure and set up zsh how ever you want (I prefer this method).

I used to run oh-my-zsh, then forked it and removed stuff I didn’t use, then I got sick of even that and went to a stock zsh and built it up from there.

I spent a solid month with both mksh and bash (obviously more on bash over the years) over the last couple months, for all it’s bloat I’m glad to be back using zsh :slight_smile:

$ time bash -i -c 'cd /media/wdblue/git/archlabs/pkgbuilds; cd; exit'
bash -i -c 'cd /media/wdblue/git/archlabs/pkgbuilds; cd; exit'  0.04s user 0.01s system 100% cpu 0.053 total

$ time zsh -i -c 'cd /media/wdblue/git/archlabs/pkgbuilds; cd; exit'
zsh -i -c 'cd /media/wdblue/git/archlabs/pkgbuilds; cd; exit'  0.04s user 0.01s system 110% cpu 0.049 total

$ time mksh -i -c 'cd /media/wdblue/git/archlabs/pkgbuilds; cd; exit'
mksh -i -c 'cd /media/wdblue/git/archlabs/pkgbuilds; cd; exit'  0.00s user 0.01s system 69% cpu 0.017 total

The above isn’t quite a ‘fair fight’, I don’t have any git prompt stuff in my mksh PS1 otherwise it would be about the same improvement in speed as going from bash to zsh, still a speedy shell :slight_smile:

I wonder if rolling my own functions would be faster than using prompt substitution ie. \w in bash, %~ in zsh

IMHO, the MirBSD Korn Shell would make the perfect default shell for ArchLabs, if only for the name :slight_smile:

Here is the author of the original Korn shell (David Korn) meeting Korn (the metal band):


^ How cool is that?

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The changes I’ve been making to the installer lately will make it easy to add/change your shell during install, I think I’ll add mksh to the list.

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