ZSH [1;3P when pressing Mod (Win_L) key

Hi fellas ,

just noticed that with ZSH ( even with clean config) when i press the left windows key it gives me [1;3P
any opinions where this might be coming from ?


Just a wild guess, maybe ksuperkey is at the bottom of it all?

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^ @Dobbie03 I think you’re on the right track

@stilia.johny which window manager are you using?

Did you make some custom changes to the key bindings.

So it is ksuperkey. After I killed it is fine

I am using i3.
But I had cinnamon installed also. So I don’t know if ksuperkey is coming from cinnamon :confused:

ksuperkey is a stand alone program.

It’s autostarted, so make sure the entry in your ~/.xprofile is commented out.

Indeed. Thanks for that. !!