ZFS Support?

I use Archlabs actually with ext4.
Is there any ZFS Support for the Installer?
Would love get the ability to make stateless snapshots from my workstation…

I do not remember seeing an installer with ZFS support, but rather, according to the Arch documentation it is possible.

I find Btrfs easier because it’s already native and you do not have to choose or manipulate the kernel like ZFS, even to do a post-install conversion from Ext3 / 4 to Btrfs is smoother, but I know that each of us has a need. (it’s just a comment) :wink:

It supports it in a way because while instaiing AL on a lappy, I accidentally when doing 2-3 things at the time, not recommended by the way ! lol a partition went on to XZS , don t ask me how .

I didn t want to reinstall or fix it, everything went well after 5-6 days maybe .

But I don t know how to convert it in Arch or Debain-Ubuntu, etc.Or if it can be done, someone here in the know might come & suggest things.

I’m quite curious about btrfs, would you like to share your experience? Is it ‘safe’ to install on a single SSD?
Are snapshots easy to manage?
Do you recommend it? :slight_smile:

I’m interested as well !

@pintas @gazeka74
It seems that in SSD / Btrfs it has to be something specific, there are restitions, raw block … and so on.

I used encryption for a short time a few years ago working out of the city where I live, I was practically forced to create disks, it was with Antergos (windows and antergos at work), it was an open place and the laptop was not mine , they tried encryption and I chose Btrfs, followed the tips of opensuse, btrfs does not offer native encryption, but it is more flexible at this point with dm crypt / LUKS, I was free to choose, more ahead I had errors in the exchange of one kernel with the encrypted disk.

I’ll show you what I read, and new links, some that I consulted at the time do not open anymore
Btrfs Partitioning
Advanced Disk Setup
Linux Hard Disk Encryption With LUKS [ cryptsetup Command ]
Has good references here
Debian Btrfs
Glossary Btrfs

Currently I only use veracrypt in external driver.

I’ll throw my two cents in here

ZFS is solid but requires too much in the way of it’s support isn’t native. I don’t really trust BTRFS yet as it’s been languishing in an ‘unstable’ state for what seems like ages now, this could definitely change it just hasn’t yet.

Thanks guys! I’m not really interested in encryption at the moment, but btrfs still scares me a little. I’m really interested in having a snapshop file system working but i guess i’ll wait a bit more. :slight_smile:

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I just had a quick experience and it was at work, I never really needed to use encryption on machines, now anyone who always carries an external drive is different.