Yup - AUR Helper

This seems interesting

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Nicee @Dobbie03

Looks like it s got some developments in there.

The more, the better. Or at least funnier. Having checked plenty of AUR helpers, I stick to Trizen. And yes, I use pamac, for searching repos.

I’m happily using baph but pikaur is my favorite.

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Hi Archlabbers!!

I am using yay but now I have done a test with yup and where yay gives no aur-updates yup gave me 11 updates! Strange huh? How can that be possible?

Done som more tests with yup and found out that it is not showing correct version of some packages. No matter how many times I update there are the same packages that want to update again! Its a bit strange that yup sometimes find newer updates than yay does.


Why do I feel it wants to downgrade package versions?


Yeah that’s no logic in that! But it will not downgrade or upgrade. It’s promising but not there yet.


It’s not, due to the way many people package -git versions it confuses helpers that don’t go out of their way (like yay) to determine if it’s actually a new “version” by checking the branch hash against your installed version rather than against the PKGBUILD version, which I explain a bit below.

When you build a -git package the “version” will be changed to reflect the current branch hash, because of this many packagers don’t bother to update the PKGBUILD because it’s all pulled and versioned automatically for each install.

With your above example:

The installed version of pithos-git 1.4.1.r1.g522f02e-1
The PKGBUILD version is 1.4.0.r7.g7895936-1

Niether is correct or the current “version”, there is no current version because it’s a git package. Meaning it’s built right off the branch head and versioned with the hash.

I suggest avoiding -git versions of packages if there is another offering, or manually keep up with changes to the software you use (via github or whatever) and update when some changes come out that you want. This is partially why Arch doesn’t support AUR helpers as it can cause confusion, official packages use proper versioning and update the PKGBUILD every time, making it easier on the package manager.


@natemaia Solid explanation — thanks!

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