Hola peeps!
I am really liking Arch-labs. I am an old hold out from #! that wanted to make Openbox my life again! Y’all are doing amazing things. I am loving using my computers again.
Only issue I have atm? I can’t seem to get youtube-dl to cooperate? 0_o? I get errors in all terminal emulators I am trying to use atm.
All point to a resolution error. I know it is not a big thing to most. But I would like to figure this out.
Over all? I freakin love this distro! Switched back from Fedora/Korora and I do not want to look back. Skype works! Virtualbox, Steam? Jeebuz! It’s like my x220 is a new computer!
If I don’t get an answer? I will dig into the forums/wiki’s/irc to see if I can sort it out. Just thought I would reach out for some insight.

Y’all are awesome… I never want to distro hop again!

Hey @Drakken have you tried this with @nate’s fork of st?

Even if it doesn’t, its a top notch terminal

Thank ya Sir! I am going to give that a go!

I really appreciate your quick reply!


Hope it works man.

Even if it does not? Tis something to learn. I welcome the challenge again. Fedora was to easy… Did not challenge me… made me bored most nights.