Your version of a bar drink recipe

Tell me your original/favorite recipe of a cocktail/beverage whatever you wanna call it. it can be as bizarre as nesquick with coffee vodka and milk.

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burt reynolds, bottlecaps, and pornstars if I want shots/mixed drinks that won’t floor me after a few.

beer everywhere else


sounds like the perfect saturday night

Remember in 1990/91, their was some Scorpions mix in a bar in the Keys, knew the band, so took one ! lol

Almost yesterday ! lol

I almost want to mark this as the solution. Hahaha

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lol, you bet !

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Half a glass of scotch, fill up with ice cubes. :smiley:


A classic right ! Just a little bit of ice.


You mean this one?

keep it simple:

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lol, might be that one , was in the Winter of 1990/91, been a little while back !

It was hot & humid, drank them too quick I guess ! lol

This reminds of one resort i stayed at with free booze. Filled with some sort of fruity syrup, gave us all acidity. Every night followed with a big jug of cold milk to cut it down

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