Your thoughts?

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If wasn’t for ArchLabs, I wouldn’t use systemd anymore. I understand that, for a small group of developers, systemd make life easier, also I respect individual choices.
About systemd, my feeling is that is not the best ‘design’ for an operating system and I don’t mind experiment alternatives, so far my systemd-free experience has been satisfactory, once I’ll get familiar with Void, that will probably be my default.
I love you all, whatever init you like…

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I used to think so, too, but moving to Void is difficult to an Arch user. Many packages unavailable. Many packages out of date. :confused:

That’s why I am not rushing it

If the home directory requires an actively logged-in user to decrypt the home directory, there’s going to be a problem with remote logins via SSH that depend on the SSH decryption key found inside the (at that point encrypted) home directory. For that reason, SSH simply won’t work without a logged in local user, which of course defies the whole point of remote access.

That right there kills the project. I see a major dumpster fire on the horizon trying to sort that one out.

Not against the concept of trying to improve efficiency, though.

A lot more than that.

For anyone that started using linux after 2010 systemd is just another part of their linux system, init and rc are just whispers of the past.

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Fair point, but I understand is not about systemd itself, is about the current ‘policy’ regarding systemd guys and their ‘dominant position’.
Nobody knows what’s at the end of the road and many rather walk away.

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This solves a very old problem with encrypted laptops, seems like a great new feature to me.


People are upset by change even when it’s a good thing.


Wow! I spent waaay too long reading that article and a tome of comments following it. I have no experience that qualifies me to comment, but that has seldom stopped me before. I’ll just say that when i began using linux i was constantly mad because i didn’t have “permission” to go somewhere or do something. It’s years later but I’m getting a nagging deja vu feeling I’m gonna get locked out of my brand new homed one day.

Hey let`s just put a “d” at the end of any new thing, just to make people go apeshit! :smiling_imp:


Yesd :grin:

Pulseaudiod :crazy_face: Sorry, could not resist that one. :slight_smile: