Your GNU/LINUX path to ArchLabs

Wow, let’s see. I think I started with mandrake 6. Then tried red hat, slackware, gentoo, etc. Started with archlinux in 2004. Have always had it installed since then. Started with ubuntu in 2005. so, so many in between I can’t remember them all. At this moment I currently have installed windows 10, 2 archlinux installs, archlabs, linux mint, manjaro, and ubuntu.

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Funny thing … only reason I started with SuSE was because I found a boxed disc for sale (yes SuSE used to charge for the OS) at my local office supply retailer. At $59 I thought it to be a good deal since Windows in that era was charging a much higher price. I had zero Linux knowledge. I knew of nobody using Linux so I had to start online using a dial-up modem to learn.

I can still remember going over to LQ and doing my very first search for “command line”.

So so many good memories of my first steps with Linux. :trophy:


I started using my personal laptop from around two years. I bought one with DOS but received it preinstalled with Ubuntu 16.04. I felt good and I dont know why I hated the idea of using a cracked version of Windows.

My path: Ubuntu 16.04(Debian) --> Search for a SEC distro --> Parrot SEC --> Search for a distro for artists --> Parrot Studio --> Search and trial of Multiple others --> Overwhelmed and search for minimal and simple distro --> ArchLabs (Present day).