Your GNU/LINUX path to ArchLabs



I love seeing in the forum the variety of ideas, configurations and solutions proposed by the family. Lately I look back and tell myself: How did you get here?

Although I come from a humanistic background, my hobby since childhood was always computers. I started with Windown98, a dark past. And although I think I’ve tried all the distros based on Arch and Debian, the following are the ones I installed for my day-to-day tasks:

  • Main linux path: Arch -> Debian -> Xubuntu -> Arch -> CrunchBang -> BunsenLabs -> ArchLabs

  • Communities: I registered in the BunsenLabs forum, but I never made a post, I never felt ready to speak, maybe I’m a bit shy. The ArchLabs forum was the first where I went to greet and congratulate the team, and here I continue with you.

In this way our paths crossed. How did you arrive?


Archlabs forum is the first forum where I can get help, that will solve my problem. Small but the best community. I did not clearly remeber how I get here but I bet that wanted to test ArchLinux. I was to lazy to install and configure vanillia Archlinux, so I found somehow (trough distrowatch) Archlabs.
My path was:
Ubuntu -> Elementary -> Manjaro -> Archlabs(I get here new wi-fi card that kernel did not support) -> Linux Lite -> Ubuntu -> Archlabs (Kernel 4.19+ inculded support for my wi-fi card so I could come back)

More off-top: Is there any comparision in performance between Archlinux vs Debian/Ubuntu based systems?


Main linux path: Windows -> Ubuntu -> Fedora -> Sparky Linux -> Netrunner -> KaOS -> Manjaro(2013-2018) -> Arch Linux -> Arch Labs

Communities: Bunsenlabs, Crunchbang, Manjaro, Arch Linux, Archlabs


Just the distros I did some real job on:

Kubuntu -> Ubuntu -> Manjaro -> Antergos -> Arch & ArchLabs & Void


Debian (first contact with Linux thanks to school :slight_smile: ) > Kali (same + pentest tools) > Ubuntu (had to have a Linux really installed for school after graduating) > Fedora (was sick of Buguntu) > OpenSuse tumbleweed (small amount of time) > Arch > Archlabs <3

Currently, both of my laptops run AL, although I’m thinking about removing it on the old one for a fixed distro (debian or fedora, it would be for a multimedia center).


I also feel like the archlabs community is one of the friendliest and most welcoming communities out there. Kudos for that. :slight_smile:

I am one of the early youngsters who were on android first. So I started out with stock android on a Nexus 7 (2012 version, codename grouper) in the start of 2013, back then I was 13 years old and had no idea about anything computer related. If you are curious how old I am now: I am 18. Later in November 2015 I got my first cellphone I flashed, a oneplus X, which I still use, it had oxygen os preloaded at that time. I started to tinker with my old tablet and flash it, that is where my passion for being free and tinkering with computers and operating systems started. One year later, in October 2016 I also started to flash around on my oneplus x. On the 22. December 2016 I got the parts for my first computer. That ran windows 10 at first, however I always knew I wanted to try Linux. For some reasons I did not do this. However, now I installed AICP on my oneplus x. A bit later in 2017, I think it was May, I started to dualboot Ubuntu Xenial and Windows 10. In spring 2018 I got a old testing desktop with a core two duo and 2 GB RAM. I got it for the pure reason of installing Bunsenlabs on it. That got removed a bit later in the summer, because I did not like debian very much. However, I was impressed by Openbox, that was the first time I saw ArchLabs on your website and thought that might be something. Which was also the time I started to tinker with arch and KDE, so I installed it on my test pc. In November I decided it was time to remove Ubuntu from my main pc and dualboot arch and Windows 10. However, I accidentally destroyed Windows 10 in the process and I decided not to reinstall it. Also, a bit later in November I got my laptop for school and decided to install ArchLabs on it, because I wanted to try it. And I sticked with it. However in april when the new solus release is out I will install it on this laptop with ArchLabs I am currently writing this on. I am sorry to tell you this. Maybe I will install the new version of ArchLabs on my pc later if I do not want to stick with it. The other option is to start distrohopping on this machine. Let’s see what happens. I am pretty sure this is not the last time I installed a ArchLabs on a pc, if this project exists in the future.


You restore my faith in young people. :smiley:


My Linux history started with Ubuntu 8.04 then onto Pinguy OS then moved on over to #! (I have always been posting at the #! and BL forums) then the Arch bug bit me, Manjaro came next then Arch proper and finally ArchLabs.


Ubuntu 12.04, bounced around with ubuntu/debian based distros (elementary etc.) for a while but never stayed long, then manjaro and antergos before finding out about openbox, Bunsenlabs, and #!++. At the time all I cared about for whatever reason was learning python and I got all hung up on not having python3 on debian bases, I found a post about AL and a link for an early iso and I’ve been on it ever since. After a second release I made a forum account and mainly just wanted to thank/offer support to the creators, one thing led to another and I started contributing (mainly just openbox themes at first). After a while I was doing my own slim iso builds on the side with all the software and setup I wanted, and I was getting better at scripting, now here we are. After a short bit with AL I finally got fed up with windows and removed my dual boot, AL only now.


I didnt like my experience with Fedora - I think it was the wrong place to start. Ubuntu offered me an intuitive playground, but I hated unity. Still do. Mint and mate de was my go to because I got lazy, but then the default file manager really got on my tits and thats when I went to xfce then OB. Manjaro was fun, but the number of system crashes after updating really began to erk me. Tried arch for a bit - hated the forum went back to mint and xfce. Then followed Matt and crew from almost day one of AL (even through that “akward” period). Still so much I don’t know, even some basic shit that I SHOULD know but still here and no intention of leaving AL. Just a case of working through the issues one by one. Cheers


Good idea for a topic @Negata


Started with SuSE. I still have Debian, Gentoo and Arch installed.

Of these I used Arch 90% of the time … then found AL.



Always wanted to try SuSE


Thank you @philT! That scheme is very cool :sunglasses:!! I thought it would be nice to see our trip through the linux world


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thanks bro.


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What a long, strange trip it’s been…

Slackware (8) - RedHat (7-9)
Fedora (1-4)
Zenwalk + Ubuntu/Mint
Debian Testing - (Ubuntu did last too long)
Slackware 13/14
Debian Sid/VSIDO + Slackware Current
Void Linux + VSIDO
Void Linux + ArchLabs

Actually came over to ArchLabs when VSIDO went on hiatus; knew of Dobbie03 from #! and BL had to see what he had cooked up.


Crosspost with "dobbie is everywhere :wink: "


lol, pretty much it right @gazeka74