You kinda knew this was coming ;)

Following up on this thread Supporting Linux

What are the Youtube content creators you prefer NOT to ever watch/listen to?
A reason as to why would be … Well, yanno … interesting. You be the judge :slight_smile:

I’ll go first -
I used to enjoy Chris Titus, a year ago I basically said I had enough. I dunno - he’s a smart guy and all but for whatever reason, I just could not watch anymore videos.

Luke Smith: Love this guy but, I get dizzy listening to him. I want to grab him and say, Dude… deep breath. Maybe that’s changed in the last 6 months but, whatever. (see what I did there wink)

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Ask @drummer :wink:

I only check EF’s channel occasionally.


99% of them. I much prefer reading over watching videos.


I don’t watch any YT videos, can’t stand them. Who has the patience to watch through that shit, really? A page full of nicely formatted text I can scan through in a few seconds is so much better IMO.

If I ever meet him I will slap him. No joke.


@Head_on_a_Stick LOLOLOL - Based!

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Me, when I need to disassemble a laptop and replace DVD with an SSD drive. :smiley: That’s the 1% out of 100.


Oh yeah, good point. I have used YT for ThinkPad disassembly guides. The official service manuals are good but videos are clearer on that particular task.

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I don’t really watch any of them. If it’s not engineering, building, restoration or Metal related I’m generally not interested.

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Agreed, I used to think quite highly of him until I read one of his smug, arrogant blog posts about how he considers people who swear as below a level of intelligence that he will interact with.

I thought, he sounded like a complete tool saying that.

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I used to watch DistroTube/Derek, and some others…but mostly when I started using Linux, after a while I lost the patience, my time became too precious to spend too much of it on yt. I still check some of Mental Outlaw’s videos…

  1. Erik the Teacherman. I’ll admit: when I restarted in Linux 4 years ago I ended up in Arco and did learn and try out a lot. Kudos for that. It was before the Calamares with 716 choices. When I ended up with a minimal Plasma install with 4 terminals (urxvt, termite, konsole and yakuake) it was time to say goodbye to the Learning Experience and get rid of the fluff.
  2. Any obnoxious asshole who pretends a lot but doesn’t know shit. That role is already taken up by me. Most YT’ers just echo-chamber the release notes and don’t really try to have their own opinion.

Jack Kiefer … how is this guy still alive?

Imaginary Dr. Tom from "Cat"mandu (Switched to Linux) … is he really homeless?

Wouldn’t let my kids anywhere near either of these guys!


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