You Have Been Hacked!


It could be someone who is a greyhat seeing if he/she can hack an account in Twitter. As I stated earlier, Twitter is also at fault for allowing one of its users to be hacked on their platform. Also, how long was @Dobbie03 account was hacked, only the hacker would know for sure. And for @Dobbie03 to come out and say that his Twitter account for AL was hacked, shows courage and integrity. He could have kept quiet and in secret correct the issue without anyone knowing it. And again, AL itself was not the issue but a Twitter account for AL. Most of us realized that the AL distro itself was not attacked, which is why I was angry at @whatisgoingon rant because things were said without knowing the situation correctly. I actually applaud @Dobbie03 for his honesty and integrity. :clap::clap::clap:


No doubt regarding Dobbie’s probity


@Dobbie03 ,

No worries man, shit happens, I can do worst in real life ! lol


I think we can close this thread now.

Again, thanks to all who have offered support. It is greatly appreciated.