Yet another french guy

Hello everyone,

I came from Bunsen and switch to ArchLabs when I became fed-up by Debian and I’ve been a discrete (non-active) user for 3-4 years since then, in openBox though.
I hadn’t any linux instaled for the last year but I finally wanted to run Arch again somewhere, then why not natively on my laptop - sadly I’m still too much into AAA-games in order to do the same on my desktop.

It has been a long time since I installed linux, furthermore natively - college years yey; furthermore Arch - like… never :D; furthermore ArchLabs - this is certainly not Manjaro…

I’ve manage to install different flavors of Manja resulting in not being quite pleased by the look and feel each time.
I’m reaaaaaly fond of openbox but sadly the community openbox of manja feels flawed in my opinion (lots of things not working correctly out of the box).
THUS! Here I am. If I have to customize a bunch of stuff, then of course Archlabs will be my distro of choice. That being said I’m struggling like heeeeeell installing the latest release of AL. Is it broken or what ? :stuck_out_tongue: (I’ve got some constructive comments regarding that last point)

You guessed it . I’m here in order to get some help from the community (and becoming active in the arch ecosystem in general).
I like to solve my problems but right here, right now, I fill like I’ll need some help… I’m not a noob, but sadly neither a veterant enough and I’m clueless regarding my issues

Quite the intro hey! :smiley:

Hello everyone,
Nice meeting you.
I’ll be pestering you for the next few days until I have a running AL on my laptop and then… of course I’ll help :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the forum.

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What computer system are you trying to install AL Linux onto? Newer devices, such as those with secure boot, are an absolute pain to get working. I was able to resolve my problem here:

If you can, try and provide us with your model number if its a laptop, or provide us with your configuration if its a custom-built.

Linux Gaming has gotten ALOT better over the past 1-2 years, you might be able to play your games now. If you use Steam, check this site out and see if it lists your games as Linux-compatible:

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Welcome aboard @MaximusSeniorem

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Bonjour @MaximusSeniorem bienvenue, je suis 1/2 Quebecois… ;)Je parle aussi un petit peu français. :smiley: Herzlich willkommen!. Welcome to our motley crew. :laughing:

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My machine is a 13" Razer Blade Stealth 2018 - the one packing a i7-8550U (RZ09-02393F32). Sweet refurb deal.

I think my bios is in a linux-friendly setup (deactivated completely secure boot and co.), though I may have to check that again to be totally sure.
As I said I installed different flavor of manjaro with seemingly no major issues.
Sadly my problems started when I tried switching on AL… I’m suffering greatly indeed

I’m going to check your post out, thank you, we may have similar issues. :smiley:
At least I have a command that update my mirror list eh

Details on my install in another post :wink:

@MaximusSeniorem welcome to ArchLabs.

Yeah we are working on a new ISO. Work is progressing slowly, we should have something out soon-ish I guess.

*Mötley Crüe
(as this is a Metal orientated forum you MUST keep it Metal at all times please)
:smiley: :metal:



That is a really good laptop!

This is what I did to make the install work:

-disable secure boot and wipe ALL KEYS
-set OS type to “Other OS”
-enable Compatibility Support Module (with boot device control set to Legacy & UEFI)
-disable the IOMMU controller
-enable SVM mode (virtualization)
2.) pre-installation
-Use a Linux Mint LiveCD to pre-format your drive into 3 partitions:
a. 600mb vFAT drive
b. 200-1TB ext4 drive
c. 2-16GB SWAP partition
3.) Actual Install
-Use natemaia’s beta ISO shown above and flash it to a USB stick
-boot into the USB in LEGACY mode using the F8 boot menu
-before running archlabs-installer, run these two commands:

mkfs.vfat -F32 /dev/nvme0n1p1
mkfs.ext4 -q /dev/nvme0n1p2
(remember to replace the above labeled partitions with your actual partitions)

Now run archlabs-installer
-once you reach the main menu, skip down to option 4.1 “mount partitions” and follow the instructions to reformat your GRUB and ROOT partitions. Do NOT reformat your partitions using option 2 in the main menu.
-then continue as normal and you should have a running system!

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@MaximusSeniorem Welcome aboard french guy, a new french, what is your region ?
When you touch Archlabs , it’s for ever :wink:
I use with i3 only and it is perfet for my laptop
techlast f7
Quad Core 1.1GHz up to 2.2GHz CPU clock
Intel Celeron N3450, 64-bit Processor
Intel HD Graphics 500
RAM 6GB DDR3 RAM | Storage 128GB SSD Storage Capacity
14-Inch, 1920 x 1080 Pixel, with IPS Display, and Aspect Ratio 16:9


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Saw that… Indeed it has, but not quite ready to make the jump into the void. Soon-ish since windog is killing over bsod and driver issue (old-ish MB/CPU)

:crossed_fingers: If I can help in whatever fashion. :grin:
I guess you’re rebuilding the script from scratch, since the additional applications aren’t categorised anymore, are you?

Sayin’ ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It is indeed!!
Ok thanks for the pointers. I don’t seem to have issues with partitioning/mounting though.

Paris :slightly_smiling_face:


Anyway. Thanks for your warm welcomes :grin:

Me it is Marseille :wink:

lol, thx, in Eastern Canada, nice seeing you here my friend !

What s you region !

Guess that you were also refering to @manyroads also in a above post.

Nate is always tweaking and improving the Install script :smiley:

It shall suffice :smiley:

Thank you !

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In french my region is Bouches du Rhone.
The city is Marseille near Toulon or Aix-en-provence

I hope one time i will visite Canada: it is in my list

Looks like a real nice place in there @Naltap

Near Marseille right !

Welcome @MaximusSeniorem Bienvenue!

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Bienvenue lointain cousin :wink:


Not perfect, still quite a lot to do but at least I can install

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lol, bad boy.