Yaourt is Dead!

Got ya, now that makes sense!!

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I don’t mind figuring out things, but in some things, the simpler the better. I use pamac a lot because it takes care of the dependency chain for me. Some are quite extensive, especially when the dependency has dependencies as well.


ok, having had my knuckles rapped for opening a new thread on this, sorry for coming back to an old one. What isn’t clear to me is why pacli was abandoned, it was one of the selling points of ArchLabs in my opinion. Was it simply because yaourt was deprecated so another building system would have to be crowbarred into pacli (is that so hard?), or is the problem with the AUR database itself? Looks to me like we’re moving to a BSD like ports system where we compile applications we need. I see there are useful aliases in the shell rc file (why have we got zshell as default rather than the linux standard bash, by the way?) which duplicate some of the useful pacli functions, which helps.

Seems AL is changing rather too quickly in some respects, difficult to take users with you if you go too far too fast.

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@mechanic, that question actually should be addressed to the developers. Here’s their link:

Developers of pacli

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Hello and thank you for the nicely structured question/critique, I could go into great detail as to why some of the changes have occurred however I don’t think this is the place for it.

Regarding pacli and some of the other changes/removals, we have been moving more and more toward DIY approach much like arch, were not trying to shoehorn in anything that every user wouldn’t want, otherwise it is all still freely available on the AUR or official repos and anyone is welcome to install/use whatever software they please.

Coming the next release this will become more of an issue if change is something that bothers you, apologies in advance but we still feel this is the best way forward, our core user base appreciate our minimalistic approach (to the best of my knowledge).

Perhaps I’ll open a new thread where this can be openly discussed going forward, will link here when I do.



We are talking about the work as a whole, AL is Arch and the base does not provide more support to Pacli and PacUI, but it is possible to install independently and manually as before, but certainly some update will cause annoyance in the future and as the AL does not keep the base on them there will hardly be support for the same here … I think so …


Point taken. I think in a way I think we are still finding ourselves and what we want to deliver. Saying that it’s hard to deliver constant results when the tools you rely on become obsolete of discontinued.

I think one of our strengths is we identify really cool tools that will work with AL but we find the maintainers or devs of these tools may not have the longevity we have. Hence the changes.

This here will cause some new people to AL a few…not problems but will cause them to stop. The new release is going to change how you install your AL. We want you to decide how your desktop looks.

But…this is conversation for later :smiley:

I didn’t realize they had both been dropped from the AUR

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I once commented on another topic, until an image of the site with each link off is here … just do not remember where … hahaha … this happened around the time of the release of the version 2018.07.28, the staff of Arch algou much “–noconfirm” and other details …

If I’m not mistaken Pacli was created by a Brazilian, just like Synaptic, i think he uses the name “pekman”

After some discussions and decisions about AUR helpers taken right here on behalf of aurman today use yay, he is good, yay uses some of the features of Trizen and Yourt, he has been effective as well as the helper Baph by @natemaia created here even though it is sensational.

yay brings “go” with almost 500 MB, at the end of the installation it is possible to delete the language file.

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@natemaia All right?
I have a question, are you going to include “Baph” in the next release or will you leave it independently like this today?

Option 1, yes
Option 2, no
Option 3, it is possible
Option 4, did not see this comment …

hahaha… :joy:


Yep , wondered about that also. Good idea @m.rogers

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Yes it will be included with the next release.

Avoids needing other AUR helpers for those who only use a few packages, and also allows me to fix issues and update with ease.


Good news @natemaia

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@natemaia No doubt, very good and thank you!
@altman It works fine and we should support this as standard AL, i like!

thank you all :+1:


Thanks for baph and I am glad to hear it will be included going forward. It is the only AUR helper I need and works simply.


Long live pamac! Long live pikaur!

Long live baph! :sunglasses:


I would rather not need an aur helper, i have tried yaourt in the past and trizen but for my use case id rather just download the PKGBUILD into /tmp and build manually. I suppose these helpers are good for packagers and the like but as far as users i dont think they are really necessary. I always like to read up on what i am about to install from the AUR first so taking the time to check comments and status of the package is a must in my opinion.