Yad-System Monitor Popup

For those who’d like to use/ edit a yad popup of systems monitoring tools, you are welcome to hack mine. Here’s the yad script:

yad --center --borders=1 --on-top --sticky --single-click --title="System Monitors" --height=80 --text="<b><u>System Monitoring Tools</u></b>" --window-icon=utilities-terminal --image "calligraplan" --image-on-top\
	--buttons-layout=center \
	--window-icon="gtk-quit: exit" \
	--button="Task Management!gtk-preferences:lxtask" \
	--button="BpyTop!system:urxvt -e bpytop" \
	--button="GoTop!terminal:urxvt -e gotop" \
	--button="Glances!system-run:urxvt -e glances" \
	--button="htop!cpu:urxvt -e htop" \
	--button="nmon!search:urxvt -e nmon" \
	--button=Cancel:0 \

Here’s the requisite image…


Hard at work again @manyroads

Keep it on mate.

Very conky like code line commands. Thanks

Well done! I been playing with yad myself. A simple pop up for all my bindings

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