YAALI (Yet Another Arch Linux Installer)

That’s not the installers name just my thread title. Check this out though:

Trying it now on the Laptop. So far very easy, still in mid-install while I type this though.


C’mon, you should use AL installer only. :grinning:


LOL Dobbie is becomming the DistroTube of AL. I like how DT finds these little gems out there.
Nice work, Dobbie!


Of course! But no harm in testing :smiley:

Thanks man.


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Just say it isn’t so.

In case anyone is wondering why “Xmooenaad”:

I’ve got a similar script in my dots (very basic arch installer) Bitbucket

It worked okay but I forgot to install NetworkManager before finishing the install and rebooting.

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I like this one… even though it is not-fast. :innocent:

I found that one painfully slow and after 3 maybe 4 attempts I am yet to have successful install.

This installer is so minimal, even it’s website reflects it:


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I used the latest this week and the install took about 2 hours (as I recall). Previous installs were at about three hours. Much like EndeavourOS, they are an exercise in patience.

My last EOS install wasn’t too slow, around the 15 minute mark.

Did you install it on the badass machine, or the craptop? That might make a difference.

The fastest Calamares I have run is from manjaro. No one comes close. I get installs in under 5 minutes. I get the same from MXLinux and antiX. Everyone else pokes along at a liesurely rate (it seems to me).

Our old ArchLabs version was much quicker under 10 minutes from boot - install - reboot - new install.

On the Craptop and the new laptop. It was much quicker on the Thinkpad.

Yeah they install really fast, but they both don’t have options as far as what you want to install for packages. Which is fine, you can uninstall them later, and even with all the packages that come with the installation, it’s really super fast.

I’ve installed EOS on my old dead ASUS, the T-Pad, the HP Envy craptop, and the iMac, and all of them took quite a while to install. I dig how they have a terminal window along with the Calamares window to view the installation process, but even a simple i3 install and nothing else takes a lot longer to install than loading up the boat and running the install process with AL. A lot longer, I look at the terminal window with EOS and see it hang on slide for the Calamares window.

I don’t like the Calamares installer, I’d rather an installer like Debian’s for comparison. Archbang’s is so simple even a caveman could install it (NOT COOL! Sorry caveman, but you guys use Ubuntu anyway, like all cavemen do), and I like Anarchy’s, when it works (which is like never for me).

Void offline installer is also very fast, maybe even faster than MX and Manjaro.

Calamares installer is so easy to use. The side-effect is that it may bring a lot of Buntu users onboard. When something goes wrong, like recent 5.12 kernel issues, they will scream.

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I don’t either.

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