Xsession errors file?

Just wondering if AL users the xsession error file as I can’t fine it anywhere on the system. And how xsession works on AL.


I’m not AL, but, I know that under debian(sid) I disable these potentially memory-eating monsters in one of my first actions after an installation. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That’s why I was asking just in case it was hidden somewhere memory muncher

Check to see if you have:


and whatever else may be there.


How do you log into X?

Yes I have 9 in total including old. Xorg.0/9 All hardware boot log stuff. 860kb
Plus dkrc.log I will keep this one it blank. :grinning:

From tty no login manager.

I checked my Arch and Void systems and neither have the ~/.xsession-errors file or any error file in /var/log.

I also start from tty with startx.

I found this on the Arch forum -

The display manager usually redirects the standard error to ~/.xsession-errors, so if you want this behaviour when launching X from the console, start X with

$ startx 2> ~/.xsession-errors

The rest of the thread is a bunch of snarky comments so no need to link it.

Sure enough, logging in with “startx 2> ~/.xsession-errors” creates the ~/.xsession-errors file. If you’re in need of that file, that would be a way to create it.


this is the method I use, I created an alias for startx

alias startx="startx 2> ~/.xsession-errors"

The rest of the thread is a bunch of snarky comments so need to link it

isn’t that most posts over there :laughing:


Arch doesn’t use Xsession anymore. Debian does.

$cat /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc

I like the idea of an alias. Handy if you just want to check for errors.

Theres one exception Garuda still user it, I have no interest in keeping the file, But it can come in handy on full install & after setting up a new system, just to check the error list fix what you can then it is not needed.

Thanks to all