XFCE4-terminal - remove highlight from host@user?

I use xfce4-terminal, which I like but I just cant work out how to remove the blue ‘highlight’ background from the leigh@archlabs as shown below
It doesnt seem to be possible in the xfce4-terminal settings (unless I have missed it), so do I have to do it elsewhere?

I don t have it install but I think that you can right-click & check for Preferences & go from there.

Yup, but there doesnt seem to be any setting to get rid of that blue background, like a permanent highlight, even though its not selected

Hope this link can be of any help, check for Appearences in Preferences after right-click in terminal, bet that it s in there .

Been a while that I haven t used XFCE Terminal, so can t help you real quick.

post output of.

$echo $SHELL

Nope - I been looking through all those settings - used them to get the preset green in fact
But thanks for being such a helpful bloke :abraço:

That s weird, taught that it would ve been in that section, one member will be able to help you out @leigh

OK, now I get it: :blush:

Uppercase? $SHELL

no, I was including the first $ :blush:

Wonder if you can see Palette somewhere, then Built In Colors & Custom Colors from Preferences on same link that I posted above.

Wonder if there is Built In Schemes also, what you want should be in that section.

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There doesnt seem to be any setting for that blue background bit


Yep, you got it @elloquin

Check for Custom Colors for Text Selection Colors & Bold Text Colors also @leigh . Might do the job in there.

Yup, I have been looking around in there, but nothing changes the blue background to the leigh@archlabs
I am using the green on black preset
even if I revert to use system theme the blue is still there

Nope :slight_smile:

Gee, it s weird, wonder how now ! lol

I think it could possibly be set outside the app?
No idea where tho
Not in .Xresources

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post a scrot of the colors tab.

look for #0000aa

I tried changing all options (eg cursor, text select, bold) but no luck