Xfce4-display-s or xfce4-display-settings keeps popping up

Not sure what happened and no idea where to start with troubleshooting. I could say that this is happening after I did the last update, but again, no idea how it could have been happening.

Usually, I leave my PC on at all times but for the last 2-3 days, if I don’t touch the PC for a few hours, when I come back I find the xfce4-display-settings app open in multiple instances, 3-4-5 instances. This is confusing!

Go into /usr/bin and rename xfce4-display-settings and see if there is an error message next time it’s called.

shot in the dark.


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It’s done, now I’ll just have to wait. :slight_smile:

In the advanced settings, turn off the options to show the dialog when a new display is connected ( Xfce4 display settings

External monitor? Check the cabling.

Didn’t you recently move to a remote island paradise? How’s the power grid there? Maybe your monitor is seeing some power fluctuations and the PC sees it as connect/disconnect.

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I renamed the executable and in the last 20 hours no more problems. Yes I’m on a PC with an external monitor, I checked the cables again now, and the power is fine because I’m using a ups. I just disabled the dialog for now. One thing I noticed is that it didn’t keep my refresh rate and I had to change it manually again, we’ll see if its happening again…