Xfce native tiling

Just thought I’d mention that I have begun testing (playing with) xfce native tiling functions. They have been around for years. Slow learner that I am, I thought I’d give them a whirl. I’m running to current arch xfce version. Here’s a scrot just to provide proof-of-life. :wink:

FWIW I have j4-dmenu, jgmenu, conky etc running on the setup.


Thx for sharing @manyroads . Didn t know about that.

It actually seems to work quite well. Runs about as light as i3wm a bit more than dwm. The issue I have experienced is that their standard keybinds mess with some I use. Its pretty easy to get things untangled though. It certainly makes xfce more interesting (and rather more fun).


Another scrot…


Looks nice @manyroads

For those who are not happy with the xfce pager (like me), here is some code I borrowed from an old ToZ posting. Put it in your ancient gtkrc-2.0 hidden file. It will make the pager more visible. Tweak the colors to your fancy.

style "my-workspace-switcher"
        fg[NORMAL] = "#FF0000"
        fg[PRELIGHT] = "#FF0000"
        fg[SELECTED] = "#FF0000"
        bg[NORMAL] = "#FF0000"
        bg[PRELIGHT] = "#FF0000"
        bg[SELECTED] = "#FF0000"
widget "*pager*"             style "my-workspace-switcher"

EDIT: for gtk3 xfce installs here’s an similar example. Place this in .config/gtk-3.o/gtk.css

wnck-pager { background-color: #000000; }
wnck-pager:selected { background-color: #0000ff; }
wnck-pager:hover { background-color: #ff0000; }

xfce4life. Except I use sub xfwm for openbox but for trivial reasons that may not be a thing anymore

@manyroads cool, yeah that’s the first thing I do on XFCE under window manager keyboard. Set tiling keys to alt+up,down,left,right.

All I really use it for is split left and right for reading pdf instruments from the county clerk or BLM office and imputing them into a spreadsheet.