XFCE Lock Screen not working


I opted to install and use XFCE as my main DE instead of the default Openbox. AL-Hello installed LightDM as my login manager (willing to change to another like the blur lock the Openbox version uses if possible) but whenever I hit the lock button in whiskermenu nothing happens. It’s important that I am able to lock my screen and protect my data. How do I fix this?


Thrawn Mitth’raw’nuruodo

Do you know what application that is suppose to be using? May not be installed even though there is a *.desktop file for it.

Unfortunately I do not. Do you know of a way to check?

I thought the default screen locker for xfce4 was xflock.
Haven’t used it in a while though.

Can you launch i3lock from a terminal? There may also be an entry for it on the whiskermenu, maybe under system. At least lock your screen until this is solved.

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Packrat I was able to launch i3lock from the terminal. Is it possible to set i3lock as my “locker” in xfce?

Plenty of ways. Simplest would be to set it up with a key binding.

I was able to set up a keybinding and now have a working locker for my computer. Thank you.

As a more permanent solution I would like to use something that is or resembles lightdm so that I may theme it to match my gtk theme. I would prefer a more traditional-looking locker as opposed to i3lock.

Is this possible?

It’s possible.

Not sure what screen lock program you’ll need - I use slock, about as simple as it gets. Hopefully another Xfce user will post something for you.

I found this screenshot of whisker menu - looks like you can configure the menu so i3lock is the lock screen application.

Can you run xflock4 from a terminal? I don’t use xfce4 much, so I don’t know if xflock4 gets installed by default.

That is hopeful.

Wonderful I will take your advice about the whisker menu.

xflock4 does not work in the terminal. Perhaps it requires an actual command in order to initiate the lock?

It is possible to construct the menu manually: