XFCE autostart bug

Hey hey,
I installed this system on 2 separate machines (one VM and a physical one), and both are producing the same issue, which is XFCE “remembering” 1-2 apps and launching them every time i log in. I can close them without any problems, like i nowmaly would, but it gets kinda annoying to close them every time.

This only happens with XFCE. I tried installing GNOME on it, and there was no such bugs, the original Openbox didnt have these bugs either.
On the VM the logout got stuck (openbox logout, no idea why), and on the physical machine i have pamac and termite launching with each logon.
I’ve checked autostart lists, (not sure if i checked every one of them) and there were no “suspicious” entries that could be causing this.
i just simply ran out of ideas by now.
thank you!

Whenever this has happened to me, it’s been a “saved session” issue. To fix it, I close all the apps that are autostarting, then from the menu:

Settings - Session and Startup.

In the Session tab, select the Clear Saved Sessions

Logout from the clean desktop; everything is usually good on next login.

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thanks man, it worked!!!

it had been bugging me for days