Xcursor unconsistent - how to change it consistently?

Hi there, this is my first post in this forum

I’ve recently switched from a self-configured arch+i3 install to ArchLabs, because it offers lots of defaults I prefer, thanks and kudos to the archlabs team! :blush:

I’m struggling with setting the xcursor so that it gets used consistently in all windows
The gtkrc-2.0.mine and .config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini are set to use my xcursor but there must be an ArchLabs setting somewhere that sets a different cursor - programs like chromium, termite, spotify … use the wrong left_pointer. Other pointers like the hand when hovering links/buttons are shown correctly.

Another thing but maybe related somehow is that lxappearance doesn’t save your selected xcursor theme. Is this related to some GNOME stuff being used?

cheers, BTC

Hmm, this might be an issue related to libinput… Do you know what driver was used in your previous Arch install?

yes, I used the synaptics driver

now, if I remove all configs that refer to libinput from /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d and /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d I get the same - using my synaptics.conf

lxappearance doesn’t save whatever I change - theme, cursor, font

Now I’ve seen that lxappearance changes the .gtkrc and settings.ini files to be read-only every time I open lxappearance

No - the latter is not relevant.

I’ve moved my cursor theme “cursors” folder into /usr/local/share/icons/ArchLabs-Light (the gtk theme I use) - after removing the original cursors folder

that works - but should only be a workaround

Just wondering, have you tried changing the theme in the XFCE4 Mouse & Touchpad options?

yes I tried - it doesn’t change it neither

this must be somehow related to the cursors folder inside the icon theme (ArchLabs-Light) + a strange combination of coincidences

or something else - I don’t know

but right now I have my cursors - as I said, by removing the cursors folder in the icon theme folder and copying my desired cursors over

@nate any ideas?

guys, today changing it with the xfce4 manager works

these are my newly installed packages:

all that have been updated today:
[2018-02-19 09:38] [ALPM] upgraded libmagick ( ->
[2018-02-19 09:38] [ALPM] upgraded imagemagick ( ->
[2018-02-19 09:38] [ALPM] upgraded libmagick6 ( ->
[2018-02-19 10:44] [ALPM] upgraded dhcpcd (6.11.5-1 -> 7.0.1-1)

I wasn’t drunk yesterday - :beers:

lxappearance though doesn’t change cursors, but now I know that the xfce4 panel does … where does it store its settings?

cheers, BTC

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Good to hear it is working.

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