Does anyone else here use xcompmgr for their desktop effects and compositing? I have started to due to picom not playing nicely with the systray patch for dwm.

Share your xcomp config (execute command)

Mine currently is
xcompmgr -c -C -t-5 -l-5 -r4.2 -o.55

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Thx for sharing, no effects on my end.

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Manyroads runs xcompmgr. I use compton-tryone-git.

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I use compton

You mean the dimming of the tray and icons?

try adding:

"class_g *?= 'dwm'",

to your picom.conf and save it as picom.dwm (or some name you prefer). Run picom and call the new config:

picom --config [path-to]/picom.dwm

The tray should be ok.

Note that I do not use the bar alpha patch with dwm; I prefer the bar remain opaque.

picom.dwm for dwm and tiling window managers in general.

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Sort of, but what picom would do would be to treat the tray as it’s own window. None of the fixes worked. I am pretty sure it is due to the bar alpha, not that I use any transparency there. I’m not overly bothered.

Oh and the icons would have black squares around them. With or without picom.

I’m quite happy with xcompmgr for now.

Right, the shadows are messed up too. I also removed shadow from the picom.dwm. I don’t use floating windows in dwm too much so I don’t miss those. My picom.dwm is just to add some transparency.

The Arch build of xcompmgr doesn’t seg fault on you? Last I was using it, it xcommgr would seg fault all the time. Good if they have fixed that.


No issues so far, all running nicely.

I don’t either, it’s just me being a pedantic prick and wanting everything to be working as I want it :smiley:

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:sunglasses: :+1: :metal:

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I use xcompmgr. No issues since 2-3 years.
xcompmgr -CcfF -I-.015 -O-.03 -D1 -t-1 -l-3 -r6.2 -o.5

I notice that only so far SoulseekQt has had issues with Xcomp but everything else seems fine.

Seems okay today,

I know picom is a little more expansive as far as what you can do with it but I am surprised not that many people use xcomp.

@KoO Yep, I do. I find xcompmgr works quite well with both dwm and i3wm. It is good on both arch and debian based distros. TBH much of the time lately, I have been running compositor-free (the ultimate in low compositor resources). :wink:


I agree, compositors are fairly pointless in tilers (my opinion)


Even though it’s frivolous, drop shadows combined with gaps do provide some visual separation when coming from a floater.


I quite like transparency with my tiler mostly for terminals and bars, I dont use it on any of the GUI programs. But I will say this for a GUI desktops like any of them it would be a must as they just a mess of over lapped programs just like blowdows. If I had to use only a GUI desktop I would sell every computer I own never again. (my opinion)


I would note that Zoom says it requires a compositor. Since I use zoom for my genealogy presentations to client groups (societies), I keep good ol’ xcompmgr around.

FWIW: I, also, find when I mention xcompmgr on reddit it annoys the children who think of themselves as being members of the LinuxMasterRace. (a BIG plus for cranky ol’ me…)


I think your research would conclude they all are descendants from a species of insects.

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Agreed, the visual separation is mainly why I implemented double borders