X graphical environment doesn't start

Was wondering what Linux to put on my new ThinkPad few days ago, and looking for a lighter ArchLinux that doesn’t take 2 days to set up discovered ArchLabs.

Now, all went smooth but when it loads the Desktop it just hangs (blank screen with cursor).
I open another tty, checked the graphics interfaces and associated drivers - I have one core Intel and a dedicated NVidia (using the nvidia drivers).

Remember I had similar issues in Arch years ago but have entirely forgotten how I resolved it.
Any suggestions?


You should give more information, for those who want to help, for if you have double video card, in this case you have to look at the configurations of bumblebee.
How do you start archlabs?
Try to follow this wiki, see if you can solve, waiting for you to showcase who uses the nvidia drivers, I use the nouveau.
Translate whit google translate.


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Did you install the Nvidia drivers from the welcome screen? I can’t use the Nvidia drivers at all. Installing from the al-welcome screen or later with pacman gives me a blank screen.

Maybe a fix in the Arch Wiki for Nvidia? Or maybe uninstall Nvidia drivers and go with nouveau.