Wpgtk, a colorscheme, wallpaper and template manager for *nix

wpgtk, a colorscheme, wallpaper and template manager for *nix

Just incase none knew about it yet. It uses pywal to generate colors from wallpaper. Applies themes including gtk and colored icons. Can add custom templates, so color themes can be applied to your configs, like for window managers and bars.


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Thx for sharing @retrowertz

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this seems just wal with menus. what i mean its limited to preset number of configs supported.

wpgtk extends the support by using templates for your config files, by replacing colors keywords, amongst other options…

im familiar, ive used it, its very aggressive (hijacked wallpaper and other settings where they couldnt be applied with other tools) and i didnt have much luck with the templating system. I did like the options for palette generation and optional script execution and even VTE patches. It’s been a long time since I tried it since I pretty much live on Plata-Noir-compact and PaulMillr terminal scheme nowdays, I’ll check it out again!