Would you be able to chage from your smartphone to one of these?

I’d like to give one a shot for a few months.


No way. Phone calls and SMS are the least important features to me. It looks good, however.

That is almost 100% what I use my phone for. I could probably exist comfortably with an old Nokia 3310.

Though I do take a lot of photos.

I need to be able to take a picture of good quality any moment. Also I heavily use Chrome and Gmail.

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Same here.

Having a camera would be nice.

I wouldn’t miss not having email on my phone.


Neither would I but I am sure my customers would :smiley:

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I need to email (certain amount of irony there) the link to my brother. He has this older “dumb” phone. Text and phone calls is it.

He may like one of these.

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I forgot to mention: my family and my coworkers have their Hangouts chats. We also have a common calendar at the office.

the best phones for photos and videos always remain the old nokia n8 and Nokia 808 PureView, one 12 megapixel and the other with 40 mega pixels with carl Zeiss lenses.
Fantastic photos and videos, no more telephones have ever taken photos like this.

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