Worth a read: "Alternative Search Engines"


Nice, thx for sharing @subjunkie

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It is a pleasure. :upside_down_face:

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lol, you bet !

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Thank you. I have been looking for an alternative for a while now. I keep switching to DDG and then back to Google. Being an old timer, I recall the days of gopher etc. and Google was just one new kid on the block. I do believe they have too much monopoly over search, and that should be regulated.

@subjunkie - thanks; interesting comment at the end about Gibiru search engine. I was using it, but went to searX when it looked like Gibiru was filtering results with political bias the same way Google was. That comment at the end explains a lot.


Yep sad with Gibiru, liked that one till I knew that a little while ago.

Extremely interesting read. It was nice to see it all laid out.

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@Dobbie03 Yes it is. This site have some more interesting reads.
Example: https://12bytes.org/articles/tech/firefox/

All you can imagine about Firefox. Tweaks, Privacy stuff, styles and so on.


Thanks for that link, having a read now.

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