Worm - a dynamic window manager

Worm is a dynamic, tag-based window manager I’ve written. While I’m currently experimenting with another rewrite (there was one before :wink: ), for now it’s written in the Nim programming language. You can find the stable version in the AUR as worm, and the master build as worm-git.

Github repository is here: GitHub - codic12/worm: A dynamic, tag-based window manager written in Nim

feel free to ask questions! maybe one day it can be included in archlabs.


Top work @codic12 . Keep it on in there !

Thx for sharing.


Very cool, we’re starting to get a small group of WM authors here on the forum :slight_smile:

It can be included in the installer, we’re planning to add some new sessions for the next iso and I suppose the more the merrier. It would have to be re-packaged for our repo or installed from source though (the installer has no access to the AUR). If you’re still interested we can hash out the details here or in a PM.

Long Live Dynamic Tilers!!


Cool! yes, it can easily be re-packaged for the installer; we’re also doing this for the endeavouros community edition. I have no idea how archlabs works but would be interested in trying!


@codic12 I like what I see on your wiki screenshots, will give it a try when Santa drops some free time trough my chimney. I’m curious why the name WORM?
Also, if you haven’t already, you should really give ArchLabs a go, I’m sure you’ll like it, also the DKwm made by Nate.
And a warm welcome to our community! :slight_smile:


Thanks! The name worm was a pun which I randomly thought of:
WorM = WM (Window Manager) :wink:

I’ll give archlabs a spin for sure, although I use plain arch / artix and don’t really need it.