World Cup 2018

Go Germany!!!

Germany…you will win the 2018 World Cup…you will win.

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Look at some parts of games per day on tv, sometime I wonder whos who in there, I m not a pro at football.

Germany got surprised on the beginning for shure.


Results to date for the ones that are interested.

This will be Mexico’s year!

Must say that they re starting strong to date.( 2 games right !)

I still feel Germany will pull something out of the hat.


Yep, they won their second game, which was needed big time.

Let’s go iceland!!! … Oh wait, it’s very hard for them to get qualified for the 8° x(

They (Iceland) play tomorrow right !

@altman, it was an impressive goal to save the game as well.

@Kreaum, as much as I support Germany, I’d love to see Iceland get through.

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Iceland vs Croatia today, nice game to come.


^ Team USA in all it’s glory.


lol, you bad boy

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That was actually for Italy, but feel free to join the Club :sob:

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Iceland sadly lost yesterday.

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f*** now I need to support France… :sleepy:

Wonder if Iceland got eliminated.

Should be they only have one point.

Mexico cratered in the 2nd half, but advanced when S. Korea knocked Germany out. Team Sweden just wore them down physically. Not looking good for Mexico in the knockout round.