[wlroots] Slow first launch for some GTK apps (again)

After yesterday’s Arch update it looks as if Slow launch for (some) GTK apps #5732 reappeared. First launch of e.g. mousepad, thunderbird, nwggrid takes ages. Having launched one of above once, I no longer have to wait while launching any GTK app.

First spotted on ArchLabs / River, also happens to me on Arch / sway on my both laptops. Has any wlroots user here (well, probably @dimaom and nobody else) experienced the same problem?

Reported here.

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[edit] From Alexays/Waybar#1266 - removing xdg-desktop-portal-gtk and gnome-keyring seems to help.


Removal of xdg-desktop-portal (and dependent stuff) is enough. gnome-keyring seems irrelevant.

Not using any of mentioned applications regularly. So haven’t noticed anything like you mentioned. Tried nwg-drawer, and it starts not bad. Not ages, definetely.
Don’t think I can get rid of xdg-desktop-portal cause need screensharing abilities.

Yes, it’s odd. The problem does not affect my apps written in go with the gotk3 library, e.g. nwg-drawer, nor nwg-panel (python), but affects nwg-launchers, waybar and swappy (C / C++).

Tried nwg-drawer , and it starts not bad.

It should work with no visible delay if running residently. Do you use nwg-drawer -r?

According to comments under the issue on Waybar GitHub, xdg-desktop-portal standalone does not cause the problem (if I understand well). It appears when you add xdg-desktop-portal-gtk or *-wlr / *-kde. I didn’t check this.