Wire to Wire

Has anyone in the group tried this tool out? If so, comments, criique please.

Thx for sharing, never heard about this before.

What are you looking for with a secure chat app? Personal or business? Privacy or not? Features or simple? I’ve heard of Wire but ultimately havent used it for one reason or another (usually just not the platform of choice for whichever community I’m attempting to chat with)

Heres one thing I always go back to tho I dont even use the recommended platform due to I think its annoying:
XMPP + OMEMO encryption is the gold standard. Newfangled shit keeps coming out, but it is still the best. PSI, Dino, Pidgin (weak implementation), Gajim and Conversations are some of the clients that support it. Don’t use Signal or Telegram (despite their sustained shilling) - they ask for your freaking phone number ! Discord is even worse. WhatsApp is owned by Facebook - enough said. Skype works directly with the Prism program and used to redirect Chinese people to a modified version, which allowed the Chinese government to implement censorship and surveillance. XMPP is decentralized - anyone can run a server, so you should choose one with good privacy such as RiseUp (insider info - they seem to be planning to deprecate it), Snopyta or Autistici (which you get if you sign up for their E-mail account). Don’t skip out on the encryption even if you’re using secure software and server! That’s the main takeaway here.

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I used Wire for a long time but I haven’t used it for a while.

Thx for sharing @xstefen . Some good readings in there !

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