WinKey to search apps no longer working

[it is not a big problem actually]
I just find today that I couldn’t use the WinKey to search any apps , but it works with shortcut
for example , Winkey + T = terminal , but pressing the winkey alone doesn’t work .

is there any way to make it work again ?
Archlabs app search is fantastic

Is ksuperkey installed? By default in ArchLabs, the super key us bound to ksuperkey.

@Dobbie03 and @ragilsatrio, we have found that, if the locales become unset after install, the superkey will not launch rofi.

Interesting, today I learnt something. :slight_smile:
Thanks mate.

@ragilsatrio, are you okay to go from here?

@AvnSgt thanks dude , How do I make the rofi working again ?
@Dobbie03, thanks bro , I am a newbie , Rofi just better to search apps

Check your output of: "locale -a"
If the system locales are missing which you set during install, they will not appear when you run that command.

For missing locales, as sudo -s or root, using your favorite editor:

nano /etc/locale.gen
uncomment any missing locales in this file, save and exit.
exit the temporary root environment.
reboot the system for the new locales to take effect.

@avnsgt sorry , I couldn’t reply it fast , so far away from my laptop just today , :frowning:

No rush. That is why we have the forum. :grin:

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Shit wish I saw this sooner. I had the same issue after a fresh install.

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