Wine: could not load kernel32.dll, status c0000135

Hi AL’s!

I am now a bit desperate!

I have done my yearly reinstall and am trying to set up Wine.
(I use Wine-stable for some music apps for work and for old Wolf3d)

My problem is that whatever I do with Wine I get:

wine: could not load kernel32.dll, status c0000135

I have uninstalled-reinstalled a number of times. The only thing I could find at WineHQ is that there were a bug, but it was fixed about 6 months ago. On my other laptop (mbp8,1) I do not have this problem and did nothing different.

It does not help to uninstall and then reinstall. Could there be some file/s stuck on the laptop that I should get rid of manually? Where do I look?

Anyone with similar experience?


Are you able to locate that .dll file in the system? If yes, is it in the same location as the one in your working system?

Hi thanks for ansering!!
kernel32.dll I found 4 in mbp and in my “problem” laptop I found 13!!

I have no idea what to do.


Maybe that’s the reason. 12 or 14 should be fine. :smile:

Haha ha!! I uninstalled wine and deleted prefixes and then a reboot, reinstalled wine created prefixes. Trying to install Finale but winecfg just hangs for 10 minutes and then I get “kernel32.dll message”.

I think I will give up now. I will reinstall the system. I am dependent on a functioning wine.

I thank you for your support and really funny remarks!


I solved the matter by reinstalling AL.



Good that you got it to work, sometimes the easiest way to fix is reintall.

Did it often ! lol

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AL-installer is really fast and in my opinion the best around.



You bet @womp

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