Windows Troll is Destroyed by Linux Brigade



A good thing what they did to that bozo.


I was cracking up on some of the comments made against this incompetent idiot. The idiot is either lying through his teeth, or he lives in another dimension! And IF he went to some tech like that, that idiotic tech should be shot for being so incompetent. Can you destroy hardware with software? It’s possible if you know assembly language. But no OS destroys hardware! This has to be a Microsoft troll as @Dobbie03 said.


You can blow up CRT monitors with the right modeline :smiling_imp:


Hmmm, I haven’t seen that happen before, at least with an OS. But I do know you screw up another OS. And you can screw up cmos with certain tools. Like using a cmos writer.


By the way, good joke!


That post is from 2013.


Yup, still made for good reading.