Windows is missing from Grub

Hello there,

Reinstalled Archlabs from to already functioning dualboot system, but something went wrong.

Windows boot loader is missing from grub as well as BIOS boot menu.

/boot/efi contains ./EFI folder with the loader but I can’t figure out how to show it in windows

please help

hi,post the following command reply

grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg

Good call in there @ector .

You beat me to it.

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I have run the command. And unfortunately only the Microsoft folder is present in the /boot/EFI/ folder. Not the bootloader
I don’t understand how has this happened. Since its my 4th reinstallation of AL on this machine.

Will be repairing it with windows PE

Try in terminal

sudo vi /etc/fstab (or nano whatever)

@onoma There is/was an error in the installer causing it to remove the windows boot directory.

The error has long been fixed however we haven’t released a new iso with the changes, apologies for the inconvenience this caused.


Thx, wasn t aware of this issue, don t have any windows installed, but good to know @natemaia

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Here is the thread with the explanation for the issue.
@altman posted in there as well, seems he once DID know about the issue but ah well… age and all that, I guess? :wink:
@natemaia this might be worth posting on the website, the blog, Twitter or whatever because I guess a lot of people will run in to that issue and as I gathered you will not put out a new release any time soon…?

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lol, bad boy @xsme

Forgot about this tread altogether.

Minor one though.

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