Window Manager Poll (on AL)

Interesting article although I think having xfwm, compiz, kwin doesn’t really help much. They are frequently components of Desktop Environments. I personally see them as in a different class… but I’m certain no one cares. :wink:

@Dobbie03 I never have been thrilled with i3wm… but dwm (methinks it’s more than awesome -pun intended). I use it all the time (well almost). :wink:

I’m still enjoying i3. I played with dwm for a while but I found it frustrating to use and customise.


My favorite is i3 and yaxwm.
And i think more and more i will use yaxwm. I like the customisation, stability and it is efficient too.

And today the Tilling stat are available

I3 on first position.

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Well to be honest this article is based in nothing except the opinion of the writer. He most likely wanted to create an article in which he would state i3 is the best (because either he never bothered trying at least a dozen of TMs to see for himself or just wanted to add some others to complete the so called “top 10” list). The fact the he mentions Ratpoison and Notion and not dwm, xmonad, spectrwm and awesome just proves it. He doesn’t even say why he picked the frist one over the others. Probably he just wanted to say “uuh, hey guys I use i3 and uh, this is the best tiling window manager because I use it. And uuhh here’s 9 more of them for you to try because they’re free and what not”.

Bottom line: there’s nothing good and useful to take from this article.

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And today a new article where there are Xmonad, Dwm, Awesome, Qtile, Spectrwm and Wmii.
The interest of these articles is to show the diversity and focus link to swith directly to the software web site.

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Despite my sympathy for python, I don’t find qtile one of the top six WMs.

Me too.
These articles on this site is just show some diversity with an opinion. After, we can test if we are interested to go to the software site for go deeper.
At this time, after swithing to i3 and Yaxwm, i have forgot the rest.
Really, for me i prefer a lot tiling vs fixed wm.

However, the title is: “6 Best Free Dynamic Window Managers”. :slight_smile:

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