Window 10 linux kernel

Well , that s pretty much some bad news, but not surprising at all.

Thx for the link @ector

Thanks @ector, that’s very interesting. And while I understand the authorçs feelings towards this ‘partnership’, I have to say that from a business standpoint, this is a very clever move from Microsoft. After all, a company’s goal is almost always revenue and growth and with this they are setting foot in an area that was so far controlled… well… not by them.

It will be interesting to see how this will play out in the future.

And all sanity just went out the ‘window’

I see this as some sort of market manipulation and selling point. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the future systemd, linux and microsoft meet in the middle due to convenience in regards to hardware related issues.

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I don’t know what MS are up to, but it can’t be good.
They might be trying to swallow Linux?

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Bet that it started when M$ bought Github last year.

Don’t worry, the GPL doesn’t allow them to do that.

They just want to make sure all the developers who use Linux stay with the Windows desktop, that’s all.

And after all Microsoft are Platinum members of the Linux Foundation:

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I dont trust MS, but in all reality there business would have to make more money with gaming PC and console. Anyone can run a free copy of windows 10 (unregistered but usable). I honestly dont think it will be all about the operating system as far as money making for microsoft, they are probably starting see the untapped power and market of gnu/ linux users and thinking on a hardware level.Years ago i used to dabble in 3ds max on a Dell quad core with two nvidia in sli with a free copy of win7 and 3dsmax, nowadays that systems power can be harnessed from a modern smartphone.

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