Why is XFCE always installed?

Hello, I am a new ArchLabs user and I am very satisfied. But there is something I don’t understand. I can’t choose any desktop environment during the installation phase and I only continue with the window manager, but still XFCE is installed on my system by itself. I don’t understand why, why? Thanks for everything.

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Hi there and welcome! Indeed a basic set of utilities from Xfce is installed, even when you only choose a WM. Just to be clear: not the entire DE Xfce is installed, that has way many more applications than you will find, for example, in the Openbox version of ArchLabs. But the tools (terminal, powermanagement, settings etc) of Xfce are very lightweight and minimal so I guess that is the reason why they are (almost) always included. By doing so you can start using the distro straightaway, without having to install all that manually by yourself. But that’s my two cents, as a long time AL user. Enjoy your time with us.


XFCE is modular, you’ll find a lot of distros that use a WM also use XFCE “components”.