Why does nitrogen not keep its settings

whenever i reboot the wallpaper is the same but its always either zoomed or scaled like i have dual monitors for some reason,i use openbox but only in archlabs i have this particular problem

any help?

Do you have nitrogen --restore in your autostart?

yes it just happens in archlabs for some reason

You can always try azote. :slight_smile:

What DE/WM are you using? Delete the nitrogen folder from ~/.config and set your wallpaper again. See how that goes.

I personally had no issues with Nitrogen ever forgetting my settings. I have moved on to Feh for setting wallpapers.

im only using openbox,i deleted nitrogen still he same
is feh good? i mean do i put feh --restore & in autostart?

No, what I have done is put ~/.fehbg & in my .xinitrc.

In your terminal type something like:

feh --bg-fill /home/YOURUSERNAME/Pictures/WALLPAPER.jpg

and hit enter. Obviously replace YOURUSERNAME and WALLPAPER with your user name and the name of the wallpaper.

You should be good to go.

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