Who's on Facebook?


@TimApple, that’s okay, we don’t believe that you are you neither! :joy: but seriously, next they will be asking for a scan of your driver’s license, state ID, and or passport, also your utility bill or lease or mortgage. They say that they are not collecting info from you, yet they are trying hard to get as much as possible from you to sell.



Don’t forget blood type and a strand of your DNA.

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Yep, as well as pin#s, credit card #s, bank account #s and so on. & put in a chip on you also.



Also the names of your parents, grandparents, and your kindergarten teacher. Also, three references as well. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Pretty much it, might be in the pipes for future years @sevenday4 .

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I have tried removing facebook app like 4 times. After a few months, some sort of necessity always arises which forces me to join facebook back.



This has reinforced once again why I removed Facebook and blocked FB via my hosts file.



this user comment from that article nails it:

Good thing we elect competent representation who understand the internet and know the hard questions to ask tech companies at a hearing. /s



If only that was the actual truth.



I tell my daughters that no way in hell will I use Facebook again. I rather try reading smoke signals…



Smoke signals? That would infer… Fire.

Did they have fire back then?



Yes, but they kept running around and it’s hard to roast my brontosaurus steak :meat_on_bone:. :grin:

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Weird, some people I know, either family or friends, been asking me for one to no avail, (just email or call me) .lol



It’s been awhile. But do you believe this asinine and pompous claim:

What!? What planet are they on?



All I have to say is “Fuck Facebook”.

People need to get off that shit. I love social media, I don’t love what they do with our personal information.



So true @Dobbie03

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Yes, I also agree with you. A short while ago I nearly signed up for a couple of social media apps so I could stay in touch more easily with the younger generation. In the end I realiesed it would probably just mean some hassle for me with little gain. I confess that I have a problem with the small screen and the way Android works. It is not that I can`t learn it. It is more an unwillingness toward how the whole system is set up. And I simply do not trust it. The “online industry” want us to use apps, instead of logging in from a browser, just so they can get this go for collecting data from us. It sucks. And web design today is totally geared toward small screens, so the functionality that I know from my computer screen has to be learned again, and quite often it has turned to the worse. Things just get more and more hidden. Ooooops, did not intend to turn this into a semi rant :smiley: do we have a thread for that?

What I meant to say is, that despite my very strong scepticism toward fb (I am trying to be diplomatic here) I am gonna keep my account. Keep it low key, have it as a channel for keeping a bit in touch with some friends and relatives. And if fb find something interesting about me, I hope they will notify me. :wink:

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Since I can not get rid of my FB account due to my job, every December / January I make annual selection, removing the most stupid acquaintances. This year I deleted everyone who pasted a stupid Facebook chain. 49 people. :slight_smile:



Well done, I really detest those chains. Feels like people are trying to dumb me down with them.



I went through FB last week with a FF extension and deleted all my posts. I got most of the comments and likes as well, but the extension is experimental and I got tired of starting over. Then, I deleted it.

That felt really good.

As far as friends/fam, I messaged those that I wanted to stay in touch with and said, “What’s the best way to do this?”

For my family back in the States, I gave up trying to convert them to a service I use. I just decided to buy a US calling plan for my phone. They wanted me on WhatsApp, but I don’t want FB anything. So, you have the app? That means you have a phone. Let’s chat.

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