Who's on Facebook?



After making an account yesterday and going through all the crap to keep myself as private as possible, upon trying to access the account this morning, I get a ‘due to suspicious activity on your account-we’ve signed you out’ and now want my mobile number or I can’t log in.


Yeah, I don’t think so :thinking:

Oh well, that was short lived :joy:


Well, the joyces of FB, lock you out of your own account but keep the bad ones in, go figure.


Wow! I’m shocked! NOT! I don’t think there’s any such thing as being incognito on Facebook and Twitter. They will do anything to get as much info on you as possible to try and manipulate you. They are such dweebs! :rage:


Hahaha… I know, I hadn’t even used the damn thing :grin:


lol, hope it s not what happened in there.


I suppose I can’t even log in to delete the damn account. :stuck_out_tongue:


Think you re right in there. Might have some FB wizz kids in here in order to give you a hand.

You put too much protections in there & FB locking you out, Bunch of dumba$$ in that FB


@Glenn you’ll probably have a better chance of being a billionaire than trying to disable your account. Can you breathe under water? I have been trying to delete my account, even though I haven’t used it in years. But keep getting stupid Emails from them.


Yeppers, once upon a time :slight_smile:

I had to block the inglorious bastards… spamming my email, wanting me to add maker knows who and still won’t allow me access to my own damn account to delete it.

Well, you guy’s warned me :smile:


Yes, yes we did! LOL!


Hahaha! :joy:

I bet that felt good huh? :stuck_out_tongue:


You bet ! lol

These kids never listen right @Glenn ! j/k


Not really as now you have to experience the full power of Facebooks invasive techniques to get you to return.


Now we have to learn How Tom get rid of FB accounts, ( don t have any, but it can be of some help).


Never! @altman Hehehe! :grin:

I just got done opening a topic about my own google bitch and then get talked into FacePlant. It’s like repeatedly rapping yourself in the forehead with a ball peen hammer… And wondering why you’ve got a headache :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure there’s a psychological ‘ism’ here… I’ll have to grab my DSM and check :smirk:


Lol, you re as hard headed as I am I think ! lol

Edit: guess that at our age their nothing to do, the damage s done. lol


Yup, we’re never too old to do exactly that which we tell other people not to :grin:


@altman and @Glenn speak for yourselves! I don’t use a peen hammer, but a sledge hammer! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I hate it when something tells you not to do something. Then you do it. Then you wish that you have listened to that voice. :astonished:

The school of hard knocks, I tell you it results in some cringe factor when others are watching.


I actually attempted to make a new account…I have been missing some Army buddies… I’ve tried twice and fail, they don’t believe I’m me…lol Get locked out every time.


Get out of it when possible ! lol

One can always use emails. It s what I do on my end.