Who's on Facebook?


Foods for taughts here;


Doesn’t it give the fuzzy wuzzy how much they care about anyone? Shows how much in their estimate their clients are worth in their eyes.


It doesn t surprise me at all, mind that they re not alone like that @sevenday4


True, unfortunately true. It’s every one for themselves when it comes to companies. If you are in need of help, don’t look at most of the corporations. Most wouldn’t care if you are homeless with no money and starving. It’s sad really, when all of these corporations work their people until they’re not needed anymore. Smh :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You bet, no money no candy right !


There are a few corporations (mostly tech) who are exceptionally good to their employees, wish that was norm.


@Glenn Yep , hope the ones that work for those know how well they are.


It depends @Glenn on what corporation and what position you hold. Fortunately, most of the corporations that I have worked for were excellent. Can’t say to about everyone in those corporations. But outside of their employ and you’re nothing. But most expect you to work until you of no use to them or they let go because they want to save their arse and don’t care what happens to you and your family.


Not to mention that someone threatened to delete the account Mark Zuckerberg -> https://is.gd/9mAHMi

In reality, this is like a “who can do it” test, Zuckerberg’s page is certainly like a “fake news”, there’s nothing important there, it’s not silly.


I had a FB account for few years in its early days, then some sexy prostitute hacked me and thus i ended it. BACK TO MYSPACE!!!


Meh… I suppose I’ll have to become one of the infected now but with only a very limited account for my fam :unamused:


Don’t fucking fo it man! Don’t give in!


Yep , be strong my friend ! lol


@Dobbie03 & @altman Yeah right… HA! You guys say that as if I’ve actually got a choice.

I’m severely outnumbered here dudes… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


lol, just kiding my friend, onee can do what he/she wants .@Glenn


@altman :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s when you’ve got a family all spread out all over the place, it’s nearly impossible to not become part of social media. Marie’s going to set up my account so, no one can search for me, no one can comment or add me without my direct approval. I guess with the new changes that have been made, you can really be a ghost if you want.


That will be great for you this way @Glenn.

Part of being spread all over as you stated above.


Hmm, I’m kind of skeptical whether you can hide within the social media. I understand wanting to stay in contact with family. Especially, when they are spread all over creation. But, I don’t trust the social media. A lot of information has been hacked from Facebook.


Guess another alternative would be by emails as well. But it s still online.


Oh, I don’t trust them. What the kiddos do is up to them but my philosophy will be… They can’t take what they don’t know. I’m even using the English spelling of my Gaeilge (irish) last name.