Who's on Facebook?


I do not read the press on this kind of subject. We are lied to and we never know anything.


I think I would trust a bank robber before I trust a politician. At least with a robber, you know exactly what he/she is going to do. Less government would be our only hope. Through out the years, they have been chipping away our freedom. They cause or contribute to false flags to try and add more regulations to strip away our rights. These politicians would kill people (standing down) to push their ideology.


Watching the statements, I remembered the oldest profession on the planet, he seemed like a “prostitute” who never knows anything and always knows everything.
(I’m sorry for the term right above)

And that to say that even he had the data manipulated is just to get more neutral in the story … this is old too.


That’s why I go to alternative news sites. At least most of these individuals try very hard to get the truth. And most of the time, if they are wrong they will apologize and correct their error. There’s drudge report that post articles from other sources, for example. The MSM is so biased and act as if their watchers and everyone else is stupid and they think they have the right to tell everyone what to think. Some of these so called ‘newscasters’ are paid actors reading garbage off a teleprompter. It’s disgusting and I agree with you, so go to an alternative source.


Well hopefully he will not pull up his pant leg to try and get a 'customer. ’ lol


He (or she) is conservative… it’s already proven … I think! :joy::joy:


If he’s a conservative, then I am a Martian with a flying saucer! Lol he almost looks like a genetic experiment that went horribly wrong!


If you are Firefox user, they have a container specially for Failbook - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/facebook-container/?src=userprofile

Not everyone can stay away from Failbook. I used to DJ on an Internet Metal Radio station and had to use Failbook to post updates, playlist, etc.


Thank you for the link.


That’s work - no problem there; as I recall, that is what the Winklevoss brothers originally had in mind. LinkedIn now sort of fills that niche.


He preserves his parts not from others! :wink:


More 50 million personal data played in the fan
(attackers exploited a vulnerability in Facebook’s code that impacted “View As”)

-> Techcrunch
-> Fox News
-> Newsroom Facebook

Sincerely… I do not see anything new! :joy::joy:


No worries here, I’ve never done The Book Of Face and never will.


I’ve been out since 2014 and I do not miss it. \0/


Never been on it, still alive ! lol




Yeah, I don’t think I want to lose face. Having your whole life, warts and all, just sounds creepy and cringey. You might as well leave your house without doors and tell every creep to take advantage of you.


Basically that , gvt & corporations do it all the time without FB right !


Are you sure you still want to use Facebook?

Up to 50 mn Facebook accounts breached in attack. https://tiny.iavian.net/owps


@sevenday4. It helps me not to get an account. lol