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Facebook scraping text/phone

FTC Confirms investigation into Facebook


They should have been doing this months ago. I hope they do so with Google and twitter as well. Maybe Google will be broken up soon like Ma bell was in the 80s.


Yeah, that one woman was complaining about Trump using data from Facebook. And I am thinking to myself, are you really that stupid! All of the candidates did from both parties. But, what’s really more serious is the fact that they’re spying on us, even through our personal phone conversations! The NSA probably has their fingers in this pie! Facebook is very dangerous. And I truly believe Google is even more so. Facebook couldn’t operate without the help of Google.


I hear of the FTC investigating quite often, does anything actually come about from the investigation?


It can.

This is the group that can issue the big fines or bust up Facebook as a monopoly. If the SEC gets involved as well (Securities Exchange Commission) Facebook could be in a lot of trouble.

SEC is the griup that send guys like Bernie Madoff and Enron executives to jail.


As I stated earlier, Facebook could not have done this without Google. This could get ugly very quickly. The FTC can investigate and can sentence or make judgment on an entity like Facebook and Google and such. The question is whether are they going to follow through? Because we know about the collection of personal information and selling them. But there has been censorship going on these platforms against groups that don’t fit their political agenda. I don’t care what your political views are, as long as they are not threats to do bodily harm, you should be able to have your say. And that may be investigated as well. We’ll see.


Just heard on the radio that Zuckerberg is to testify in front of the Senate. Not being American and not know ing how things work there, I can imagaine this is a big deal.


Check this for those of you who still use Facebook but don’t want the tracking


What is your favorite browser extension? (suggestions)

It can be. If either committee finds alleged wrong doing, they can refer it to the Attorney General and request a Grand Jury be enpaneled.

Most likely just a dog-and-pony show. Harvesting social media data for campaign purposes is the new thing for US politicians.

This will be what nails his ass to the wall:

If it starts looking like Zuckerberg and other execs are selling off stock and otherwise screwing with investors then the SEC gets involved. They can be merciless.


One has to wonder, is Facebook a scapegoat? Granted Facebook has by all intent and purpose broken laws, but is Facebook being sacrificed for something? We’re seeing issues where YouTube has been doing a lot of censoring and manipulating. This whole thing is a mess.


I don’t think Zuckerberg is a scapegoat per se; it’s that too many have become unhinged by Trump’s election. The whistleblower has confessed that Trump being elected is why he came forward.. So they’re kind of eating their own a bit in the frenzy to get Trump out of office.

So it’s not about collecting the data itself, it’s about who is doing the collecting and who they sell it too.

That’s why I think the upcoming Senate testimony by Zuckerberg will be a bit of a joke; most of the Senators sitting there probably have something similar in the works - especially if they are up for re-election this year. At most he will be chastised for letting the data collection get out of control and warned to dial it back.


I agree, but these entities don’t run by themselves. And if they can cover their own butts, they will. Trump being elected has exposed corruption from those who claim he is corrupt. But we have seen too many instances where they allow something to happen to cause one’s attention to be drawn there, while in another area something very significant is going on and no one is paying attention. Am I saying that Facebook doesn’t deserve what is coming to it, absolutely not. This will be very interesting if sets precedents on whether or not the internet will be regulated more strictly or not.


I’m on facebook to go to the private forum of a guitar site.
No other choice …


I deleted my Facebook a few years ago and I’m really glad that I did.


Truth, lie or strategy? :thinking:


I read that.
You see the testimony at all? I’ve read that Senator Ted Cruz grilled Zuckerberg and set up FaceBook for massive class action suits when Zuckerberg admitted FB is responsible for content. I’m sure that part of the testimony will be showing up on news sites.


Did you notice that he didn’t really answer questions. He was always using stalling tactics. Gee I wonder where he learned that from? Lynch, Clinton, Comey,etc.


I want to know why the hell that nut case Ted Cruz is even involved.


Politics doesn’t always mean sane people are leading our country. Grandstanding is their sport to gain votes for themselves. Zuckerberg wasn’t sworn in, this situation is just a circus for grabbing attention for the lawmakers. Behind closed doors they’re probably laughing at us for thinking that they are actually doing something.


Would not surprise me in the slightest. Corrupt pieces of shit, all of them.