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This is another thing wrong in our world. You can’t be proud of your heritge or you can’t say what you would like without thinking “Wonder who I will offend with my liberal views on life?”

I heard a crazy rumour that the NSA acutally own Dell Computers…apparently there is spyware hardwired into every Dell pc.


It’s even worse when you point out the fact that it was wrong in the past and it is certainly wrong now. Then you are called horrible things that you are not. And this garbage was also pushed using these social media pieces of garbage. Then the idiots who can’t think for themselves swallows this swill and believe it’s gospel.


I am pretty sure that that one is not true. There were the network gear NSA was intercepting and adding their own software to. They would intercept them on the way to be delivered… I think it was mainly Cisco stuff.


Here’s something even more bizarre to think about. If the government can collect and spy on us through our devices like our phones, computers, televisions, cars, anything with a computer chip, imagine if you have a chip implanted in you.


DELL, Apple, and Western Digital were also accused of leaving backdoors for the NSA on some of their hardware. Hacker/activist Jacob Applebaum has accused them of allowing NSA to alter their products.

There was also speculation/FUD that those recent kernel bugs in Intel chips were backdoors for the NSA.


That’s probably the rumour I have heard.

@sevenday4, that will never happen with me.


India is required to be chipped in order to get medical attention and food and other services. I sure don’t want that in me. People are saying it is cool because you don’t have to use your credit cards or debit cards and so forth. I am thinking, are you related to sheep? Are you really that stupid?
As to Intel and AMD chips having back doors, do you you really think that spectre and meltdown really viruses? Do you really think that it really was a ‘mistake’? Every device has a back door and infact, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have our passwords for all accounts.


That is beyond all types of wrong. Don’t even get me started…lol


Now we know why they have a ‘chip’ on their shoulder. Is that what you mean? Lol


LOLOL sort of not really.


I know, I know, but couldn’t resist. But can you imagine a Borg with an Indian accent? Lol


I could, “Assimilate…thank you, come again” In the voice of Apu from the Simpsons.


Lol! Instead of call centers, you would have ‘cubicles’ calling you and saying ‘resistance is fertile…assimilate…assimilate…thank you…oh, by the way, your computer has a virus…’


LOL I have been waiting for one of those helpful people at “Microsoft” to call me to tell me I they have detected a virus on my system, its been a good 12 months since I have had one.


I actually had one call me, right after I did a scan with two malware software. Then I opened up firefox then they locked up my system. I called them very furious. The obnoxious idiot tried to tell me because I am not a Microsoft certified technician. I told him I am someone better, I am an electronics engineer who specializes in computer technology and his company better unlock my system now, because you the virus! He trying to argue with me until I asked to talk with his supervisor. I told his supervisor, I want his company’s Microsoft certification number then I will call Microsoft to complain about their scams. I told him I have recorded everything that happened on my computer from my own tune up to them hijacking my system. They changed their tune very quickly and I never heard from them ever again.


Ha good work. I played dumb for the first 10 minutes of the last call I received. Then I couldn’t contain myself any longer.


I think it’s hilarious when you get a call or you call a center, and an agent with Indian accent and says his name is Jose or Miguel and so on.


I hope you made to where it was painful and unbearable for them make wish they had some other job. It’s about 2 1/2 years since those vermins tried calling.


A little more of the same on twitter https://goo.gl/aH5CmE


Yeah this guy is a fellow Kiwi, read about this in the news.