Who's on Facebook?


Actually @Dobbie03 it’s not just the white house, it’s way bigger than that. And it isn’t just politics neither. It’s about power and control. And it’s not just in the USA but worldwide. Yes, I know, some will call me a conspiracy theorist too, but that label is used to say that we’re completely correct, but we can’t tell the sheeple that. Also, it’s not just the politicians who trying to grab the power, hence; we Zuckerberg for one.


You are right, though I think you may have missed my point.

Every media outlet is reporting on this, every company that drops Facebook seem to be reported. It feels like a distraction from what is happening, what might be happening I have no idea.

Anyway, I believe this is a good thing. Facebook have become too powerful, too invasive. It needs to go the way of Myspace and Bebo. To the Internet graveyard.


Well, maybe I am not getting your point. But this is dangerous just the same. And it is not just from Facebook neither. Google is doing it as well. Not to mention Twitter and WhatsApp. And I don’t know if I can trust the main stream media. They seem to act as if they are trying to push their agendas as well. In fact most of the time I get my news from alternative sources. The MSM seems very biased. I can think for myself, I don’t need someone to tell me how to think. It seems there’s always a spin to make things appear one way when in actuality it is not.

I agree wholeheartedly about Facebook and platforms like it should go to the internet graveyard with a celebration to boot!


You are totally correct, it seems data gathering seems to be a priority these days. For example, do you trust Apple when they say your thumb print you added to your fingerprint scanner is “only stored” on their servers? I certainly don’t. Same with your iris scan and face scan from Samsung.

I might be paranoid but then again I might be bang on the money.


At this point in time, I actually trust Apple, but “their servers” = AWS …lol



It wouldn’t surprise me one little bit if the “authorities” have access to this. I do trust Apple more than Google. I am slowly de-Googling my online life.


They are trying to attach a scandal to the Trump administration. The problem is that the Obama administration did the same thing back in 2012 - there are Youtube videos of his campaign manager bragging about what they did. But it’s backfired on them - they are sort of eating their own (Zuckerburg/FaceBook) and in the proicess exposed all the data selling that is going on.

You’re right though, ultimately this should be a good thing - and extends beyond Facebook. Hopefully there will be a critical mass of people and businesses that drop Facebook and force an end to the business model of collecting and selling personal data.

Like you, I’ve been trying to de-google myself. I still have the email, but it’s essentially a dead letter box I use for those times it’s mandatory I enter some email address.


I have killed Google search using DuckDuckGo. I still have Gmail but am trying to use Proton Mail in place of that. Gmail is becoming what my MSN email account is, a spam recieving email.

I’d like to completely de-Google my phone but that’s not going to happen unless I buy a new phone.

On the other points, you are right. You know what would be great? If there was an election and our leaders were chosen on their merits rather than how large the pockets are of the their backers and supporters were.
A nice clean politcal race would be nice (sorry for politcal rant…shit, broke my own rule)


If only - there is a storm brewing in the USA, potential to become incredibly ugly.

And it’s tough to break your rule on this one since it’s the political class that has found the potential of infornation for sale by the likes of Facebook.


We discuss this at work everyday. There will be a revolution and from what we see the American Governments/Big Business can see this happening too, they are preparing.

So back on Facebook, if you plan on deleting your Facebook, make sure you disable and remove any apps that are associated with FB. These prevent a full deletion as I discovered yesterday. Once removed I managed to delete Facebook.


Well did you know Apple gave China their security records and codes and yet they would not give it to the FBI because it would violate their ethics? WTH! I always told people Apple was rotten to the core! And @PackRat is correct, Obama did use information from social media. This pointing fingers is a political game.


It was more or less what I meant, but in other words.


This is the problem with society in general. Let’s hang someone for what they have done rather than take a look at ourselves to see how we can become a better person.

Facebook though have become, in my mind, the Evil in our world. Or at least a contributing factor to it. It would not surprise me if they have been contracted to gather information on everyone specifically for tracking purposes. Man the Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist is really coming out in me today.


Yes, Facebook is a big problem. But, unfortunately not the only one. I’m afraid Google may be the biggest monster of them all. Think about who is the biggest internet search engine in the world. They don’t like your views, so what can they do? Now, what choices do you have for internet connection? Try to think where Google is not used. These multimedia apparatuses are interconnected. And that’s scary!


So true man, so true. Hence the slow but steady Un-Googling of my digital life.

I actually recommend DuckDuckGo to everyone


Yes, I try to use DuckDuckGo as much as possible too. And sorry Matt about breaking the no politics rule, but unfortunately politics is tangled in our world of computers and gadgets. Them varmints are everywhere! But even our smart phones, Google! Auugh! And yet people said we had net neutrality in the USA under Obama!? Can you guess who was not under this so called net neutrality? Facebook, Google, Twitter, and other social media. What a bunch of crock!


I killed my first account 3 years ago and then family pushed me back into it. “Don’t you care what’s happening in your brother and sister’s lives?!” (Not really, if we were close enough to care, we wouldn’t need FaceBook to pretend to be interested).

I killed my second account about 3 weeks ago. There is so much wrong with the entire scene. The politics, the abuse of privacy, the gossip, the “celebrity” crap I have no interest in. The “I am offended by everything brigade”.



On the other points, you are right. You know what would be great? If there was an election and our leaders were chosen on their merits rather than how large the pockets are of the their backers and supporters were.
A nice clean politcal race would be nice (sorry for politcal rant…shit, broke my own rule)


If the world was perfect, but unfortunately… That’s why when Trump was voted in, it broke the status quo. He isn’t a politician, he had no backers, and he represented the people rather a party. But, will politics stay out of the electronics/ computer world, from what I have been hearing, they want to start taxing internet access here in the United States. And of course we already know that they have weaponized the internet. Guys, the civil war can be on several platforms.


Willingly contracted or strong armed - I think it was AT&T that had NSA force them into providing information.
This goes back to the NSA tracking that Snowden exposed.

But yes, Facebook and Google are well beyond the pale.


I think we could say black ops, can’t we. They even use our devices to spy on us when we don’t realize it! Anyone read “1984”? I think they are trying to push for that kind of world.