Who's on Facebook?


Smart!!! Hopefully though you used a good VPN or you used a psuedo ISP address?


I use VPN 24x7… I have account with PIA and Mullvad… I tend to switch back and forth. Including on my phone.


Excellent!!! A man after my clandestine heart!


The day they asked me, the ID card to get back my password, I stopped being a fb user, and I talk about it a long time ago!!


I’ve never had a FaceBook account.

What do people use it for anyway? I’ve never really understood.

Is it for sharing pictures?


It’s meant to be a way to keep in contact with people via messages, posts etc. All I post are hot rods, Metal and the odd meme.

This security thing pisses me off and it is the last straw…I suppose I need to remove WhatsApp and Instagram too.


For sharing anything. Celebrities will post info and photos about their upcoming projects or public appearances, people will post info and pictures about their vacations etc … It’s sort of like a blog, but too many people use it like an online diary.

But the main problem is that Facebook sells all this underlying information attached to your account - and anyone who has become your “friend” and follows your account, and now politicians have found a way to use it as targeted marketing/campaigning - began in 2012: Jim Messina - using facebook data 2012


This was the tipping point for me, I had been planning/thinking on deleting the account and then this happened.

Zuckerbergs “apology” just seemed so insincere, maybe its because I don’t trust him or Facebook.


OK, I think I understand now: FaceBook is a software platform for facilitating narcissism, yes?

I think the underlying problem with democracy is that most people are idiots but I don’t really want to stray into politics.


You repeated almost word for word what my brother said this morning. You are quite right.

I’d love to have a more indepth discussion regarding politics, but I hate to say it, this isn’t the place. But again, you are hitting the nail on the head. Either they are too stupid or would prefer to be insulated from the truth.


That’s what it has become, and Zuckerburg realized the potential for that when he split off from the original development team to create Facebook.

Originally, it was designed to be facilitate communication between students at Harvard (it started as a Harvard intranet).

Narcasist or not, the real issue is that social media has become a business model to collect and sell personal information with the consent form in the eula/tos verbage. But yes, a discussion for a different forum.


Everyone want a piece of you online. So I just try to be screwed as little as possible.

Life today without going online is not easy, possible, but very very inconvenient. Then again, I am not that interesting either, quite boring actually, so the data I leave behind to be collected is probably not worth that much. That is the price I have accepted for my “free lunch”. :wink:


Well when Zuckerberg sold his facebook shares, perhaps you should take that as a warning to get rid of your Facebook account. It’s like the rat has jumped ship. Facebook was also designed to ‘capture’ people. Have you noticed that most people hardly can interact anymore. Especially the kids, because they are engaged in their multimedia. They could be sitting right next to each other, and be texting or using social media to communicate. How sad. Some of high management of Facebook admitted their aim was psychological in order to get as much information about you. Gee I wonder what for?


Good thing my kids are actually engaged properly with each other and their mates.


You are not alone… hahaha
“Elon Musk erases Facebook’s SpaceX and Tesla page” => https://bit.ly/2IKjtAm


Yeah I saw that. Seems like the backlash is just getting bigger…though it makes me wonder (being the typical conspiracy theorist) what is this Facebook story hiding thats happening around us?


Makes sense…
Now the fact that all this has surfaced changes the focus of things a bit but the other companies continue to be like us, and this has no return, there is no way to reverse, your data once there … nor do they even know where they are going stop…

The truth is that the type of system that was implemented is very efficient (for them), they leave us “tied”, without email without account, without account without access.


You can’t stop what was given up in the past…even if they do erase it, all the web scrapers already have it. But you can definitly put the line in the sand and shut them out from the present to eternity.


I don’t think they’re really hiding anything that hasn’t been happening for decades. It’s just that so much is finally coming to light as the USA political scene goes through convulsions. You can say what you want about President Trump - like everyone else he is a combination of good, bad, and ugly, but his election as president has so disrupted the status quo that existed in US politics that they (Deep State, Power Behind the Throne - whatever you want to call them) have really let their masks slip. Some of it is pretty scary.


What I meant was, sorry I wasn’t clear, what is this actually distracting us from. What war has started, what White House scandal is being covered up with the disatraction for the Facebook Saga.