Who's on Facebook?

I’m on Facebook and the latest scandal has reinforced my decision to remove Facebook from my digital life. I am one of those rare users who use Facebook to actually stay in touch with family and friends out of my area…those advantages aren’t enough to make me want to stay with FB.

Anyone else feel the same? Or you don’t care? Tell me!


In the year of launch I created an account, at the time there was no dedicated platform per language, all in English, then each country received its upgrade and okay, excludes my account in 2014 and does not miss it, has always existed and there will always be other forms of communication, particularly the facebbok reminds a circus, but the worst are the idiots enjoying and sharing several idiocy.

This is not a rule is just my point of view about years of use, in my case I never gained anything there but I also did not lose, so if it does not influence and does not comtribute I do not need it, I downloaded my images and deleted it account.

I think it is time. Tomorrow its going to happen. It was 10 years this month I originally signed up to FB. Good time to kill it dead.

I tell you one thing, getting out of certain social media is liberating and soon you realize that this is not necessary, but I see a detail about you as leader of the AL project, as I said before it is not a rules but somehow that kind of channel can help in certain disclosures, I’m not talking about foot use (this is another story) but ArchLabs, many users can question the lack of other channels like this, in one way or another certain projects are dependent on others.

It’s just an idea.

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I know what you mean, I barely use Facebook as it is. There is no point me having it. AL doesn;t have an official FB page so no lose there either.

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Got it

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Yes I have a facebook account. Not very active though, but will remain there for the time being I think. I do have some real life family and friends that are far away as an excuse.

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Never been on FB, I am an anti-social person.
I am actually surprised for how much I write on this forum.
I think I’ll have to take some time off

Never been on it, too much of a lone wolf so never saw the need.

I know what you mean though, dobbie. My wife and sister in law use it to keep up with extended family and friends.

I don’t know what the copywrite is on FB. I know Zuckerberg sort of stole it and paid about $70 million to settle.

The time is right for a privacy oriented platform of social media to be developed.

Simple and straight: everything you publish on FB became their too.
You don’t have the right to ask them to get rid of it, they can store your contents as much as they want.
I had to read the therms and conditions on behalf of my clients, if I ever had the slightest curiosity to try it, that put me completely off.

I was supposed to stop interact with you guys for a while (and I am currently at work), what’s wrong with me?

I meant the actual copywrite of the software. So if dobbie wanted to write his own social media application that basically does what Facebook does, can he do it wothout getting into legal trouble.

@PackRat I am sorry, but my blood injected eyes (when I talk about FB) didn’t let me read the whole sentence.
It took me a week to go through all the legal stuff and my brain still hasn’t recovered.
Question is: do we need more social media platforms?
How about an anti-social media one?
I am up for it :joy:


I haven’t used fb in years. Especially when the owner calling its users ‘dumb f’ers.’ I guess he was right if you are using it. Your privacy isn’t safe, they’re playing psychological games with you, and if they don’t like your views, they censor you. Maybe that’s why Mark Z is in hiding, some people may want to reach out and touch him?

What ever happened to, I don’t know, email, snail mail, or perhaps using the phone to actually make phone calls? I mean if at worse use smoke signals, drums, mirrors, and…

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I just announced my leaving FB the other day and was in the process of collecting emails and addresses from certain people of Import.

I am second guessing myself now though. There are quite a few people on there who though we don’t communicate much are important to me or I have concern for their well being. And I know at this point anything I have put on FB already is out there forever. There is no undoing that stuff. I locked my profile down the best I can on there as of now. I am thinking of keeping the account active but just not posting to it. And I have already uninstalled it from my phone.

The biggest thing I think I would miss, my x is on there and of course posting pictures of my boys doing whatever…but most of those pictures I would never see without her posts… I think it may be worth just logging in occasionally.

Either way I am still torn…but again, I know things i’ve done already are out there forever…so I may just use it for checking on people and not posting…

We’ll see…

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You can download those pictures to your box. And I am sure there’s other ways to send pictures, like uploading to dropbox or something like that.

That is fine, but like I said it’s my xwife… the reason I get to see them is she is sharing them with her friends and family, not necessarily me. Same thing would actually go with cousins and old army buddies… people I don’t communicate with often, but it makes me happy to see they are doing ok now and again… I may be just getting sentimental in my old age.

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Gotcha. Can some of your mutual friends help with the pictures? As for keeping up with others, that’s difficult, because you sure don’t want to put your personal contact information out there where someone who you don’t want to get that information will have access. Unless you have phone numbers or email addresses and go that way…

I would hate to make people middle men… but right now, fb has my burner number and an alias email…so I am not worried about them having personal info…I have it pretty locked down like I said…it doesn’t even have my real name.

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