Who is the best soccer/football player

Diego Maradona

Past or present ! Or whathever.

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Of all time.

Some may say Pelé is the GOAT, but I’m not old enough to watch him play.

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Hey cool, from what I heard of Pele as well.

& at that time their weren t much analyzings here & there to learn every each moves or whatever from every teams as today s so it has/had better value to me, but what do I know, be in whatever sport s field it is.

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The big difference between Maradona and Pele is that Maradona played abroad, Napoli etc. and Pele never left Brazil.

Two of the best players in the world without a doubt along with Distefano and others.

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American football?

Jim Brown - still at the top of his game when he retired to take up acting (most notably The Dirty Dozen ).


He’s a legend.


I m not much into US Football at all but it s the name I used to here then; Terry Bradshaw .

& I don t mention more recent good quarterbacks.

Bradshaw was also excellent - if he got to play under the rules that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning played under, sportscasters would still be talking about him.

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Yep, rules change sadly as the point systems & number of races in F1 only to mention that one, also in Nascar as well.

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& that he inly played in Pittsburg as well !

Yep, guess that it has to do with the Flavor of the Week that goes on for lots of years in different fields.

Interesting & just on time for this thread !


my vote goes to Kevin Debruyne maybe because he’s a fellow countryman


Oh Belgium ! Also a great place for beer as well !

As Keith said, "Everyone talks about rock these days; the problem is they forget about the roll.“
So, its gotta be George Best: “I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered.”
James Hunt for F1 too
I know nothing about either sports

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both absolute legends - the Hunt film is cool too
Did they ever make one about Best?

I wouldn’t really know.

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As my college linguistics professor once asked … “Can you define what you mean by the word best?”

He graduated from Yale. However, I didn’t graduate from Yale.


Bo Jackson did run a 4.13 40-yard dash in the mid-80’s. That’s the best NFL combine 40 in history.

Sorry, can’t offer any input for the sport of soccer/footy.