White screen issue before lock screen

Hello all,
i have a proplem that just before lock screen load i have 2 or 3 sec of white screen. IDK where this come from but its annoying very much. so im here for advice or help. bty i dont use window manager just startx and i use i3wm. thanks in advance and have a good day
here a screenshot review my setup of .files

Which screen lock are you using. And what does lock.sh do? Maybe post the contents of that file too.


It’s just i3lock script. I don’t think it’s related as if I enabled betterlockscreen instead. I get same result. A while screen with mouse for few seconds then the betterlockscreen or my lock.sh script

Here some screen shot viewing the issue Iam getting that white screen just after startx then lock screen. Where this white screen come from and any fix for it.

It might not be the same, but I’m using i3lock as well, and when it “kicks in” it just shows me a completely white screen. It has a circle in the middle when you type in your password and it will show red with a message if you type in the wrong password. It might just be doing this briefly before it goes to the background you have set for it (mine has nothing special set, so it’s just white all the time). I’m not sure about the set up for using a different background, but it might be something that is happening in the background before it gets set. Can you post the contents of your config file?

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Mine is different indeed. It’s not related to i3lock as I’m now set it to betterlockscreen and still getting the same white screen. Thank you anyway